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Color: Black/Yellow


When the bracelet is immersed into any water, the base unit will sound alarm and vibrate. It can be used at swimming pool area, spas, boats, on lakes, rivers, ponds, by the ocean or other water hazards. The base unit has a wireless range of about 50 meters.


  • Base unit, 1 bracelet


  • The base station and watch have a rechargeable battery which sends a blinking alert when low.

special features:

  • - Suitable for any water including salt water.
  • - Three LED lights indicating different status.
  • - No interference between two alarms.
  • - One base unit can work with two bracelets.
  • - Maximum range is 50 meters in open surroundings.
  • - Base unit works on adapter or AAA battery.
  • - Base unit and bracelet has low battery alarm.
  • - Bracelet is waterproof and rechargeable.
  • - No false alarm and alarm failure.


  • Swim angel Water submersion & distance Alarm is NOT a substitute for parents' diligent supervision or adequate barriers to restrict the access of children to water hazards. This device increases security; however, parents/guardians need to look after their children very carefully at all times.


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