Mucky Wear- Kid's Loop Boots

Run. Jump. Play. Repeat.

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Our designer toddlers boots fit true to size, meaning that a size 7 is a true size 7 with a little room to grow without being oversized. They do not crack at the seams, scuff, tear/rip, or split apart during use. They make a perfect anti-slip wear for all-season adventure for preschoolers with well-threaded soles for increased traction which help to keep your loved ones safe and injury-free by preventing falls.


  • Natural rubber rain boots are waterproof and will keep your kid's feet dry in the wettest conditions.
  • Sturdy sole with a deep tread to prevent slips.
  • Loops up top provide an easy way for children to put boots on themselves. Also great for hanging up boots to dry.
  • Bright colors and fun patterns keep your kids excited to play.
  • Run. Jump. Play. Repeat

About Mucky Wear

Mucky Wear was created at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. With miles of amazing trails and options to explore all around, we wanted to create a product which would ensure that all of our loved ones could join in on the adventure. Mucky Wear gear is built to ensure that children will have the opportunity to get out and explore, no matter the conditions. Sometimes the best bugs, coolest rocks or perfect puddle is just on the other side of the stream or mudhole. With Mucky Wear, you can keep all the muck outside while staying comfortable and clean.

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