Katie Bell & The Wishing Well- Finding True Wealth

A fun and creative book for families to learn about wealth and grow their thinking!

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We're not only talking about money here, we're talking about real wealth. Freedom of time, happiness, fulfilling your purpose, and yes, making money. You were never taught these principles and no one is teaching your kids either... until now!


Katie Bell dreams night and day of being rich. A fateful run-in with a magical wishing well on Grandpa's farm seems to be the answer to all of her problems. Suddenly, she can have everything she has ever wanted. Unfortunately, having all of her wishes granted seems to be taking her further away from happiness, instead of closer. Now she finds herself suspended from school, friendless, out of money, and with a criminal investigation threatening to send her to juvenile detention. Can Grandpa Bell help her see that true wealth is more than having a lot of money and help her change her future with a wealth mentality?

Follow Katie Bell as she starts her personal wealth journey. Along the way, you will learn the principles of true wealth through simple stories and examples that everyone, young and old alike, can understand. Applying these principles in your own life will forever change the way you look at money, wealth, relationships, and happiness.





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