Beechwood Kendamas by Red Wagon Toys

A sweet way to practice hand-eye coordination during play!

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The classic kendama features a traditional assembly and a durable beech wood construction. Available in a variety of colors, finding the perfect one for you will be easy. Don't be fooled by cheap made Kendamas. Common results from these Kendamas are broken handles, strings and cheap wood. The Red Wagon Toys Kendama is constructed of the professionally preferred lightweight and durable Beech Wood. This wood not only resists dents, stretches, and splintering, but is also extremely lightweight. This allows for quick wrist and arm response when maneuvering tricks and throws.

  • This Classic Designed Kendama measures the standard 7 inches in height and 2.75 inches cup-to-cup on the handled.
  • The ball is also constructed of solid Beechwood with a strong glossy epoxy coating that protects your kendama from dents and scratches.
  • A nylon reinforced string helps to reduce stretching and fraying. The new Red Wagon Toys Kendama will be a great choice for doing all your favorite tricks like Candlestick, Orbit, Airplane, Hanging Spike and Much More.
  • Note: Please play with your Kendama with care as the item can cause injuries. Kendama's are designed for play by children over 6. Kendamas will show wear over time which is normal after use including chipping of the paint on the ball if dropped on concrete or asphalt numerous times. Please use Caution when Playing and be sure others are clear of your area to prevent injury.
  • Includes: One (1) Kendama
  • Age: 8 and Up
  • Dimensions: 3 inches high x 3 inches wide x 7 inches long

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