Make Your Own Fairy Garden

All you need is a pot, soil, and decorations for your very own fairy garden!

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We handpicked this KidSteal because we can't think of a cuter spring activity for the kids than creating a magical space for fairies to play in your own backyard. We all know that fairies are magical creatures that bring us good luck, but only if you give them a nice place to stay and play! All you need is a pot, soil, a few small rocks or plants from your backyard, and cute decorations of course! Once your fairy garden is complete you may just wake up one morning to some fairy dust (glitter) spread around your garden, that's the fairies saying thank you for a wonderful stay; how magical!

Check out our suggestions for a small fairy garden build at a Steal!

Just fill the pot with soil, add a few rocks from the yard and decorate with the kiddo! Once the fairy garden is built, don't forget to spread some glitter around the garden and watch her face light up with joy; the fairies came for a visit!


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