Color-Changing Bendable Shades

Awesome shades your kiddo can twist, bend, and fold without them breaking! (They make a great stocking stuffer!)



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we hate when things break. we are so confident that our ro•sham•bo baby shades can withstand your baby that we are offering a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use.

we also hate when lenses get lost or scratched. if twisted at an awkward angle, it is possible for lenses to pop out of your shades. have no fear! the lens is shatter resistant and small parts tested, so it is still safe for baby on its own. it is also extremely easy to pop back in to place (see the video above for an example). but, if you happen to lose a lens or even just scratch a lens, we got you covered: we’ll send you a replacement lens free of charge!


“My daughter usually takes anything off that touches her head. I was surprised she didn't throw the sunglasses! I love how it looks on my daughter. My daughter is 11 months but she has a big head and usually she won't let anything or anybody touch her face/ head including her nose. My parents brought her a baby sunglasses and she just threw them down. To my surprise she let it on her must be that the sunglasses are so light! Oh I just love it. It looks soo cute!" -Lani

“Best Baby Sunglasses. Ever. We bought these sunglasses for our daughter when she was only a few months old. She loves them. She's almost two now and still enjoys wearing them as "Cool Baby." We bought some for our friends kids too. They are very durable and a classic look that goes with any outfit. I like that they stay on and protect her eyes well. They are not cheap of flimsy -- they are high-quality sunglasses. We've been very happy with our purchase and will be buying a bigger size for her when she needs them." -Christa

“Match my baby. These are so much fun! I'm able to wear shades to match my baby. He thinks it's so cool that Mom has the same shades!" -Katie

“Last brand of sunnies I'll ever buy. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy about this new brand of sunglasses. Well, I just got my new ro•sham•bo sunnies in the mail today and I'm stoked about 'em. The flexibility is awesome and the grippy, soft material helps them stay on your face better than your typical plastic frame shades. Buy these, you won't be disappointed." -ferris

“Wonderful product!!!! I recently ordered sunglasses for my grandsons for an upcoming trip to Hawaii! When I saw the shades I knew I had to have a pair too! I have a small face and most shades either pinch my nose and ears or they fall off my face! These are the most comfy fabulous pair of sunglasses I've ever owned! May just order more colors! Thank you so much for your wonderful product!!!!" -Shawn E.

About Ro Sham Bo Baby

ro•sham•bo baby is a family owned company, operated by Scott and Julia Morris and supported by their daughters Avery (5) and Chloe (2). They started their company after realizing that nobody was making high-quality, stylish baby sunglasses. ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses are proudly made in Italy (not China) and are BPA, lead & latex free. They are small parts tested and the soft and safe material is designed for little faces. Plus, they are virtually unbreakable and offer 100% UVA/B/C protection. With sizes ranging from baby to adult and 18 colors to choose from, our frames are unlike anything else on the market! Our name is a reference to the nostalgic game we all grew up playing (otherwise known as “rock, paper, scissor”). It also pays tribute to our mission to support autism. Special education teachers have told us that playing ro•sham•bo with children with autism can be a valuable teaching tool when kids need a quiet, calming, and personal interaction. A portion of all of our sales go to Surfers Healing, a California charity that takes spectrum kids and their families out for a day of surfing and confidence building. We also have autism in our family, so this has been and always will be a pillar of our business!

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