Monster Defense Book & Spray

Just one spray keeps the monsters away.

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"My preschooler has always had a big imagination -- which often included spooky monsters hiding under his bed at bedtime. We went through a period of nightmares every night; it was a scary time for him, and a sad one for mama. Monster Defense is just what his imagination needed to kick the monsters to the curb. We spritz the yummy "good dreams" spray on his pillow, (and under the bed), and poof! Monster-free zone! It has been a bedtime miracle for us, and we are a much happier (and less sleepy) family thanks to Monster Defense!" - Kerianne, Buyer


About Monster Defense

Monster Defense is a line of products intended to help cure children's fear. Monster Defense provides security to children with fear as well as provides parents an easy and fun solution to getting rid of monsters. They believe the "monster in the closet" is truly their first opportunity to teach children to overcome their fears, empowering them & giving them the confidence to meet challenges head-on. As many other parents have already found, arming your child with these simple tools gives them the little bridge they need to feel comfortable alone at night. Founders, Matt and Whitney Hardesty, are parents to a boy (born in 2011) and a girl (born in 2013), and reside in Lincoln, NE. They love hanging out with their friends and family and all the kids in their lives. Monster Defense all started when their nephew told them about the monsters in his room that kept him up at night. From that day on, Whitney couldn't stop thinking about all the children & parents she could help with a real monster spray. Matt then got involved and helped Whitney bring it all together. Matt partnered with Illustrator Jason Hawkins to write the children's book, Monsters Beware!, which was released in June of 2014.

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