National Sibling Day April 10th + Giveaway

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You are pretty lucky if you have a brother or a sister, or even both. Today is National Sibling Day, It's a great time to tell them how much they mean to you, whether they are biological, adopted, in-laws, step relationships, or even great friends or cousins that are close enough to be a sibling. Hopefully this post will inspire you to share the sibling love in your own family.

Act of True Love

In the hit animated movie, Frozen, Anna sacrifices herself to save her sister,
constituting an act of true love.


A Good Read

"Unlike most other books on the topic, Siblings doesn’t dwell on sibling rivalry; it focuses on building positive relationships. After all, siblings can grow up to be the best of friends."

Siblings You're Stuck with Each Other so Stick Together Book

For A Good Laugh

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In honor of this wonderful day, we are giving away
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