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Ever have the fight about getting your kids to do chores? For this Mom Tip Monday, Rachel from Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug, shares her tips on how to get kids to do chores with her version of a kids chores chart.

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In the eight years that I have been a mother I have gone through every chore chart, job chart, chore wheel that exists. None of them have worked. They were confusing to the kids, it was too hard to keep track of all the stickers or where the wheel was supposed to be or whose turn it was to do what. It wasn’t until I discovered job sticks that we finally made it work.

Each of my children has their own jar with their name on it. And each child has their own set of sticks. For the older girls, the chores are simply written on the sticks, but for the younger boys who can’t read, there are small pictures on the ends so they know what they are supposed to do each time they pull a stick out of the jar.

In addition to the names of the chores being written on each stick, each is also color-coded. Green chores have to be done every day, like clearing the dishwasher and cleaning their rooms. Blue chores need to be done about once a week, like cleaning the bathrooms. Red chores are once a month kind of things like cleaning out the microwave (I am such a mean mom, I know.) We have been using our chore jars for about a year now, and my girls have become experts. They know exactly what to do when I ask them to do their green chores. There is never any confusion about who has to do what and I love it.

The little boys have chore sticks that are a little more specific. Rather than a chore stick that says to clean their room, they have sticks to pick up their toy cars, pick up their trains or put away their crayons. While they are so young (ages 2 to 5 or so) assigning them a job so general as cleaning their room is too broad and daunting. They do much better when they focus on one thing at a time.

I would love to tell you that these chore sticks have made my children love doing their chores, but I would be lying through my teeth. However, since they know exactly what needs to be done, there is definitely less fighting to get their chores done. And for the boys, it is almost a game. Almost. They draw sticks to see what they have to do next and we see who can find all the cars the fastest. It is most definitely easier to do chores with the boys, instead of attempting to motivate them through threats.

So next time you are fighting your kids to do their chores, and they can’t remember what they are supposed to do, pull out some popsicle sticks and empty jars and problem solved!

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Thank you for these kids chores ideas! Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week.

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