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Sending your little one off to Kindergarten can be a tough. Not only is it a big change for your kiddo, but as a mom it's hard to let go too. For this Mom Tip Monday, fellow mama and Steal Network Marketing Director, Pam Baumeister, shares her tips starting Kindergarten.

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Sending my first child to kindergarten was more than 15 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. As the summer came to an end we made all the preparations for her big day at kindergarten. We shopped for the cutest first-day outfit and backpack, figured out how best to fix her hair, what to make for breakfast, read to her nightly, and made sure she knew as much of the alphabet as possible — including spelling our really long last name. We took her to her kindergarten screening with her new teacher and asked a lot of questions. But we were still nervous about sending our first child to kindergarten.

Finally, the big day came. We got her ready and did everything right. She looked perfect and we all felt confident. We drove to school and found a parking spot so we could walk her in. As we approached the kindergarten door, we wondered where all the other parents were and most of all, where were all the kids? My husband asked, “Are you sure she starts today?” After looking at my calendar again, I sheepishly answered, “Kindergarten doesn’t start until tomorrow.”

While some of the things we did to get our daughter ready for kindergarten were useful, some were overlooked because of our inexperience. Now that I’ve sent three kids to kindergarten, I have practically mastered it — but, I still cry every time.

Here are my top tips for getting your child (and yourself) ready for starting kindergarten:

1. Get involved. Acquaint yourself with the teacher, the principle, the PTA, and with all the pertinent dates and times kindergarten operates (start time, end time, days off, half days, etc.). Your school should provide you with a calendar. If they haven’t, just ask at the office. Communicate with your child’s teacher regularly to give them all the tools to best serve and teach your child.

2. Ensure your child can use the bathroom by themselves. Check that buttons and zippers are easy for your child to undo in a hurry. Sending a spare outfit, just in case of an accident, will prevent your child from embarrassment.

3. Incorporate a regular schedule of bedtimes, so your child is getting enough rest. If your child has a habit of sleeping in, but doesn’t have the option of afternoon kindergarten, start waking them up a little earlier everyday until school. I’ve found it’s best to get your child up an hour and a half before they have to leave to get to school on time.

4. Talk to your child about manners and rules. Let them know that not everyone will choose to use manners or obey rules, but you expect them to work hard to be on their best behavior. This is never failsafe, but if they know the ground rules before school starts (every year), they will know what is expected of them.

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