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Leaving your children with a babysitter can be stressful. Not only do you have to scramble to find everything he/she will need, but then once you're out, you worry. For this week’s Mom Tip Monday, Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas, shares some great tips to get you (and your sitter) prepared.
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If you are anything like me, deciding to leave your child with a babysitter for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience.

It’s the night of; you did your prep work. You interviewed you babysitter, asked for recommendations, maybe you even preformed a background check.

You’ve talked to your child(ren) about the babysitter that is coming over. You asked them to listen to the caregiver and behave as they would if you were home.

It’s an hour before your big night out and it is time to take a few more steps to ensure you have a fun night out and spend as little time worrying as possible. You’ve covered your bases ensuring your babysitter is qualified and your kids are prepared for the evening, but have you made preparations in case something happens while you are gone? Does your babysitter know where everything in your house is? Do they know what medicine your child(ren) takes?

Do you have a babysitter kit?

Most parents think of putting together a list of phone numbers your babysitter may need in an emergency, but why not take it one step further and put together an emergency kit for your babysitter.

What is an emergency kit? It is a bag that contains everything your babysitter could need in case of an emergency. That way if anything happens from a scratch or something more serious, all the babysitter needs to do is go to the bag or grab the bag and go. Be sure to keep the kit, including medicines and creams, out of reach of children.

Your kit should include the following:

Do you have a babysitter kit? What do you put in yours?

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Thank you Emily for this great list of items for the babysitter. Knowing exactly what to leave for the babysitting and having it ready would certainly give peace of mind when you leave your kids with anyone. Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week. Please share your ideas with us!

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