Sweets Kendamas

A sweet way to practice hand-eye coordination during play!

43 - 46% off!

Allow 7-10 bus. days for processing


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Playing Kendama: Kendama is a game of strategy and focus. The proper way to use a Kendama is to coordinate upper and lower body to manipulate the handle and ball according to planned movements. As the hand makes small controlled actions the legs are used to rise and fall with the tama. Players can manipulate the ball from rest or from cups onto the peg, adding a fourth option into juggling. Kendama tricks and movements can be strung together in countless ways to form unique combinations. Many tricks known in the west were adapted from the Japanese Kendama Association in which players test their consistency in a Karate type system. So far in the West Kendama culture and play has been less rigid in its structure, promoting creativity in playing style and expansion of ideas and success in never before seen tricks through web sharing. Kendama players in the west are constantly pushing the limits of trick possibilities, supporting each other in the constant pursuit of the next challenge. One can never truly master Kendama, the way that one can never truly master golf. There is always room for improvement in creativity and consistency of play. Make sure to check out the Sweet Kendamas YouTube channel to learn some cool tricks once your kendama is delivered!

About Sweets Kendamas

The Sweets Kendamas crew is comprised of individuals that love Kendama, play Kendama, and create Kendamas that they stand behind. They work hard to spread the joy and gratification that Kendama brings. They're constantly developing new designs, methods of production, and attempting to create and learn new Kendama tricks every day.