Preparing Kids for the New Baby | Mom Tip Monday

Congratulations, you’re having another baby! Now how do you go about preparing your little one to be a big brother or sister? For today’s Mom Tip Monday Stephanie, fellow KidSteals fan and blogger at The Leaky Sippy, shares her tips on how she is preparing her kids to be older siblings.

• • • • •

Now that I am over halfway through my pregnancy I am starting to feel like we need to start to prepare our almost two-year-old for the new baby. Although we are expecting our fourth child, this is the first time that we need to prepare a child under the age of four.

Being that he is still so young, the biggest thing I have been working on with him is how to be gentle. He has a Curious George monkey that has been helping us with this. He is a rambunctious toddler and I don’t want the first weeks of the baby being here to be a onstant reminder that things have changed for him. I want him to learn now what being gentle means.

We also have started talking about babies a lot. We talk about that when babies cry they need something like a diaper changed or they need mommy’s milk. He only stopped nursing about 12 weeks ago himself so I really want him to realize our new baby will be needing it. You never really know what he is actually understanding, but when we are out, if he hears a baby cry he starts talking about it. “Baby
cry. Diaper.” So, I think we just may be having a breakthrough here!

Of course we have started reading him books. I read “I’m a Big Brother” and “What a Baby Needs,” which was a little over his head, but it is a fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone. Since he was a little young we talked about all the pictures.

We will need to transition him to a toddler bed so the baby can have the crib. We have neutral bedding in the crib now and it is completely useable, but I got to thinking that might make things harder for him if he sees “his” bed with a baby in it. I was able to find some beautiful, flowery sheets to make it look like it’s completely different. I’m hoping this will help.

I came up with the idea to make a story book of how Charlie became a big brother. I am using one of the photo processing sites to organize it into a story. I think seeing pictures of him as a baby and reading what a big boy he is now will be a very special way to help with the transition. It will also be a pretty awesome keepsake!

My older girls have been through this before so I’m not as worried about them. We realize though that this is still a big adjustment for them and want to help ease the stress. We have started with how they organize all the papers they bring home from school. The things that are a priority (need signatures) go on top. Then their homework, projects, etc. By being organized we can eliminate some of their worry that we aren’t interested in their lives anymore simply because we forgot to sign something. Also, we reminded them that the first three months will be hard for everyone. They know we will be tired and that we might need them to help out a little more. Knowing what to expect really helps ease their worries.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. I know it’s incredibly hard to remember that when you only had a chance to close one eye for twenty minutes last night, but you need to try. Just do your best. Take deep breathes and remember, this too shall pass. Give your child(ren) as much special attention as you can, but be ready for them to need time to work through it all. They need to know you love them as much now as you ever did. Once our baby arrives, we’ll get to know her and arrive at our new “normal” but, that’s life with a new baby!

• • • • •

Thank you Stephanie! Hopefully this will help some others moms prepare their kids to be older siblings.

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Kids Halloween Costume Ideas | Mom Tip Monday

A crisp of fall is in the air and the spookiest holiday is just around the corner. To make sure every little boy or ghoul is decked out to say “trick or treat,” for today’s Mom Tip Monday we have fifty fun Halloween costume ideas for kids you may not have thought of. Several of these you can even get creative and make it yourself. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

• • • • •


Bulls-eye and arrow



Optimus Prime



Spaghetti and meatballs




Train conductor

Lego man




Mermaid (great for kids in strollers)


Bouquet of flowers

Paper doll

Day spa diva

Ice cream cone


Statue of Liberty

Butterfly in a cocoon

Mary Poppins


Raining cats and dogs

Queen bee

Hot cocoa


Unisex or Group

Baby burrito

Baby carrot and a bunny

Cat and mouse


Washing machine


Greek statue

Bumble bee and flower

Little Bo Peep and a lamb

Mario, Luigi and/or Princess Toadstool

Skunk (little stinker)


Mama’s little angel/devil


Popeye, Olive and Sweet Pea

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf



Hot air balloon

Sushi roll


A bag of Jelly Bellies (made of balloons)

Kangaroo and kid


• • • • •

Hope this helps you come up with an award-winning Halloween costume idea. Wishing you a plenty of treats and no tricks!

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Dealing with Grief with Kids | Mom Tip Monday

Despite what you may want your kids to experience, life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Hard times can hit for you or your loved ones and it can be hard to explain this or experience this with your children. For this Mom Tip Monday, fellow BabySteals mom, Anita Sullivan, shares her own experience and tips on dealing with grief with children.

• • • • •

Anita and her family

More than four years ago, my adult brother went missing. It’s been a difficult journey for our whole family, including my oldest son who was four at the time. We’ve had to help him through it, while dealing with it ourselves. We’ve also faced the challenge of not wanting our youngest to not know about his uncle. We’ve also had the death of my husband’s mom and losses of loved pets.

Many families deal with situations like it, not knowing how to best help their child grieve, while also grieving themselves. While we usually are talking about happy things on this family of steals fans, we all have loss in our lives at times too. Here are some things we’ve learned that may help your family too.

1. Show your kids your emotions, don’t hide them.

Kids need to know it’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to cry. But also show them that you are happy over memories and over time together. By putting on a brave face and never letting them know you’re grieving, they learn that it’s not okay to be sad.

2. Make sure they know that happy times are ahead.

Plan things to do as a family that you can look forward to, knowing that it won’t eclipse the sadness, but will create new good memories.

3. Encourage your kids to share memories of the lost loved one.

Create a scrapbook or box of memories that they can look through and remember their loved one. Allow them to participate in adding to it. For example, my son has a great memory of my brother taking him fishing. I’d forgotten about it, but he hasn’t.

4. Communicate with caregivers.

Let teachers or caregivers know that your child may experience out of the norm behaviors as they cope with this. Let your child know they can talk to these adults in their lives about what they’re feeling.

5. Share stories with your kids.

Tell stories about the lost loved one as your kids grow, reminding them how much the person loved them, or would have loved seeing them grow. Keep them alive in the heart of the family, giving your kids a feeling of roots and love. My sons have limited family in their lives, but I always want them to know the love of family.

6. Be honest on a level they can understand.

When my brother was first missing, we didn’t know what to tell our son. We didn’t want to lie, but we don’t really know the truth. We don’t know where he is. We’ve come to realize that it’s okay to say “we don’t know but we won’t give up until we do” and keep the brutal details from him (like that we believe he killed himself). As he’s gotten older, we’ve added more details but always the truth as he could understand and cope with it.

7. Just love ’em.

When my husband’s mom died, our son was five (our youngest hadn’t yet arrived). He told my husband, “Dad, don’t be sad, you still have me.” His pure unselfish love for my husband helped in those dark days, and my husband responded in a way that made him know he was more valuable than anyone else in the world to us.

To learn more about our experiences and family, visit my blog. I’m just a sister, wife and mom sharing my journey and story of hope. Maybe you’ll find something to relate to.

• • • • •

Thank you Anita for this advice on dealing with this tough situations with kids. As much as no one wants to go through it, it’s great to have tips on how to make these situations a little easier for you and the kids. Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Steal Network or its employees.

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