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At it feels like Black Friday everyday … BUT we’re officially counting down the days to the biggest week of Cyber Deals and exciting steals for the holidays! And to get you ready, we’re giving away 10,000 Steal Points (aka $100) to steal away whatever you please!

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10,000 Steal Points Giveaway

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ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween Schedule



ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween kicks off tonight! If you’re looking for some family friendly fun, here’s a great place to start. Check out the entire line up for the dates and times of your favorite movies below!

Night One – Monday, October 19th
• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 1:30 to 5pm EST/PT
• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 5pm to 8pm EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 9pm- 11pm EST/PT
• Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 12 – 2am EST/PT

Night Two – Tuesday, October 20th
• Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 4-6 pm EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 6-8pm EST/PT
• “Stitchers” 9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT
• Casper 12am – 2am EST/PT

Night Three – Wednesday, October 21st
• Casper 5-7pm EST/PT
• The Addams Family 7-9 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 9-11 PM EST/PT
• I Know What You did Last Summer 12-2AM EST/PT

Night Four – Thursday, October 22nd
• The Addams Family 4-6 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 6-8 PM EST/PT
• The Hunger Games 8-11pm EST/PT
• I Know What You did Last Summer 12-2AM EST/PT

Night Five – Friday, October 23rd
• The Hunger Games 5:30- 8 PM EST/PT
• Sleepy Hollow 8:30- 11 PM EST/PT
• Matilda 12Am- 2AM EST/PT

Night Six – Saturday, October 24th
• Matilda 7-9 AM EST/PT
• ParaNorman 9-11 AM EST/PT
• Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 11AM- 1PM EST/PT
• The Nightmare Before Christmas 1-2:30 PM EST/PT
• Casper 2:30-4:30pm EST/PT
• The Addams Family 4:30-6:30 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 6:30-8:30 PM EST/PT
• Monsters University 8:30-11 PM EST/PT
• Toy Story of Terror 11- 11:30 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 11:30-1:30 AM EST/PT

Night Seven – Sunday, October 25th
• ParaNorman 7-9AM EST/PT
• Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 9AM- 11AM EST/PT
• The Nightmare Before Christmas 11-12:30 PM EST/PT
• Casper 12:30-2:30pm EST/PT
• The Addams Family 2:30-4:30 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 4:30-6:30 PM EST/PT
• Toy Story of Terror 6:30- 7:00 PM EST/PT
• Monsters University 7-9:45 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 9:45PM-12:00 AM EST/PT

Night Eight – Monday, October 26th
• Sleepy Hollow 5:30- 8 PM EST/PT
• Toy Story of Terror 9- 9:30 PM EST/PT
• The Nightmare Before Christmas 9:30-11:00 PM EST/PT
• Frankenweenie 12AM-2AM

Night Nine – Tuesday, October 27th
• Frankenweenie 4PM-6PM EST/PT
• The Nightmare Before Christmas 6-7:30 PM EST/PT
• Toy Story of Terror 7:30- 8 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 9PM-11:30 PM EST/PT
• ParaNorman 12-2AM EST/PT

Night Ten – Wednesday, October 28th
• ParaNorman 4-6PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 6PM-8:15 PM EST/PT
• Dark Shadows 8:15-11 PM EST/PT
• Casper 12-2 Am EST/PT

Night Eleven – Thursday, October 29th
• Casper 5-7 pm EST/PT
• The Addams Family 7-9 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 9-11 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 12 AM-2 AM EST/PT

Night Twelve – Friday, October 30th
• The Addams Family 2:30-4:30 PM EST/PT
• Addams Family Values 4:30-6:30 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 6:30 PM-8:30 PM EST/PT
• Poltergeist 8:30 PM – 11Pm EST/PT
• Poltergeist II The Other Side 12 AM- 2AM EST/PT

Night Thirteen – Saturday, October 31st
• Batman 7AM-10AM EST/PT
• Batman 10AM- 12pm EST/PT
• Poltergeist 12:30 PM – 3 Pm EST/PT
• Sleepy Hollow 3:00- 5:30 PM EST/PT
• The Nightmare Before Christmas 5:30-7:00 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 7:00 PM-9:15 PM EST/PT
• Hocus Pocus 9:15 PM-11:30 PM EST/PT
• Sleepy Hollow 11:30PM- 2 AM EST/PT

Still need something for Halloween? Check out our Halloween Collection here!

Free Gift Tag Printables


Birthdays mean gifts, and gifts mean cute tags! Once you have selected one of these amazing gifts for kids, get it all wrapped up and print out these adorable tags that are easy to cut and tie on for the perfect presentation. After all, opening an extra pretty present makes it that much more special!

Free printable Birthday gift tags {Right click here and save as to download the printable}

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids


Finding the perfect gift for kids isn’t always easy, but don’t you worry — we’ve taken the guess work out and found some you’ll love. Even better, you can grab them at a steal of a deal. Whether you’re stocking up for the many birthday parties your kids are invited to, or filling up Santa’s stash, check out this list of birthday and Christmas gifts for kids.

  1. LaLa Couture Building Figurines
  2. Workman Publishing
  3. Brackitz
  4. MukikiM
  5. Sunset Skateboard
  6. Storybook Wishes
  7. Little Adventures
  8. Premiere Kites
  9. OgoSport
  10. Bunnies By The Bay
  11. Spirograph
  12. Child’s Play
  13. Dowling Magnets
  14. CitiBlocs
  15. Handstand Kids

Handstand Kids Cooking Company Giveaway


It wouldn’t be our 🎉6th Birthday Week🎉 without ANOTHER giveaway! This time it’s from our friends over at Handstand Kids Cooking Company!

The Handstand Kids Cooking Company is the perfect recipe for kids to learn to love food, through a hands-on cooking experience. Created in 2007, by recent law school graduate, Yvette Garfield, Handstand Kids provides children their own domain in the kitchen that empowers them to eat healthy and delicious foods. It is Yvette’s hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities. Check out their new chocolate kits, baking sets and fun kitchen patterns to make this the best cooking time of year.

Be sure to turn your little chef into a baking pro with this 25-piece complete baking set including recipe cards such as Chunky Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and Tea Time Biscuits. Add to it this yummy print of milk & cookies with polka dot accents – perfect for a day spent baking your favorite treat! All items are 100% cotton & machine washable.


  • Deluxe Baking Set contains: 1 Spatula, 1 Pastry Brush, 1 Mixing Spoon, 1 Silicone Cake Mold, 1 Silicone Loaf Pan, 1 Silicone Baking Cups, 1 Cookie Turner, 1 Whisk, 4 Cookie Presses, 8 Recipe Cards
  • Perfect for ages 6+
  • Cooking projects for any skill level

Enter to win below:

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Contest ends October 18, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. One entry per person. Winner will be announced and notified October 19, 2015.


Iko Toys Giveaway


It’s our 🎉 6th birthday week 🎉 and we’re pretty sure there’s no better way to kick off a birthday week than with a giveaway! We’re giving 5 winners 3 sets of Ikos toys!

IKOS are a modular, spherical, construction toy for inventors of all ages. With one shape, users can create everything from a full sphere to abstract curved creations. When you want to enhance your creation, snap pieces together vertically to create anything you wish. You can design anything you can dream up by adding other items or painting the sphere to create a unique and customizable 3D puzzle.

To win, enter below:

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Contest ends October 18, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced and notified October 19, 2015. 6th Birthday Week!

It’s our party and we’re crying tears of pure excitement! 🎉🎉🎉 Get your party hats on, your clicking fingers ready because we have planned an exciting week of steals, giveaways and entertainment just for you.

Mommies to toddlers on up!

Fan favorite steals, giveaways and plenty of entertainment!

October 12-18, 2015

Stay tuned right here on the blog, our Facebook page, Instagram, and of course, on the homepage of!

See you at the party!

4 FREE Labor Day Printables for Kids


The unofficial end of summer is here – Labor Day – a nice, long 3 day weekend for many of us. Whether you’re on the road or staying home, here are 5 free Labor Day printables to keep the little ones busy this weekend!









To download and print:

  1. Click on the download link under each image
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Click save as
  4. Save to desktop
  5. Open document
  6. Print

Looking for something else? Save an extra 15% sitewide when you use code ‘LABORDAY’ at checkout. Labor Day Sale ends Monday, September 7, 2015 at 11:59 PST. Get shopping >>>

Have a 4th grader? Your family gets free admission to National Parks. Here’s how!


Thanks to the Every Kid in a Park initiative, all 4th graders and their families will be invited to visit our country’s outdoor treasures and historic sites anytime they like during the 2015-2016 school year… free of charge! This includes all National Parks, Federal Land and Waters.

Part of the White House’s “Every Kid in the Park” initiative, this program is made possible by the National Park Service and National Park Foundation. The objective is to introduce kids to outdoor recreation. Students just need to sign up online and they will then get a voucher that grants entrance to the student and a carload of passengers to federal recreation areas for one year.

Beginning September 1st you will have access to your own Every Kid in a Park pass. This pass will give you free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more! The pass will be good for the 2015-2016 school year until August 31, 2016.

For more information or to sign up, click here. Make sure to pick up sleeping bags, hammocks and backpacks for your little one’s outdoor adventure!

Back to School – Back to Schedules


It’s Back to School time which means it’s back to schedules, too. The summer break hangover is all too real in our household. I think it’s easier to convince my children to get a shot from the doctor than it is to get them out of bed and off to school. We’re constantly rushing through the house and out the door. Thankfully I have learned a few things through the years, and it doesn’t hurt that I work with a bunch of fantastic mamas who can offer advice, too. Here are some of the ways we get our kiddos back into the groove of school.

Let’s start with this: if the kiddos aren’t excited about going back to school, it’s going to be much tougher to get them back into a routine. We try to make the experience as exciting and fun as possible for our kiddos. One thing we do is buy new backpacks for the kids every year. It seems small, but my kids absolutely love to pick out a new backpack to rock on the first day of school.

And we always let them pick out a new outfit to wear on the first day of school. One of our children has uniforms so we let her pick out new shoes and accessories for her first day back. It’s so funny to me that at the mention of new clothes, their attitudes go from nope to yep in an instant.

We start getting the kids back into the bedtime routine about 2 weeks before school starts. We gradually decrease their bedtime to make it a little easier on them. It’s not going to be real fun transition if you let them stay up until 11 p.m. one night and then the next night bedtime is at 9 p.m.Once school has started, we focus on the routine heavily the first couple of weeks with job posters and lists so we can get everything down and in the habit. I have a poster for chores and the house routine and then a chart for what they need for school to keep it all straight.

We do a fun themed dinner the night before. It’s when I give the kids their new backpacks, school supplies and then we have a fun dinner. We have a family theme for the year. This year we are keeping it simple and doing the theme from Cinderella, “Have Courage & Be Kind.” We talk about what that means and what it looks like at school, and ways that they can live our “theme” through the school year. It makes the night before something fun that they look forward to, and gives them a reminder through the year for how to act and be.

I also take a photo of them with their favorite things on a sign and then do the same on the last day so we can see how they’ve grown and changed throughout the year.

Be just as prepared as you’ve prepared your children. I always make sure their clothes are laid out and easily accessible, their backpacks are packed and at the door the night before, and I have their lunch ready to go (as much as I can anyway). We love to prep as much food as possible in advance. For ideas on easy lunches & prepping tips, see this post.

We do a lot of talking the first week or so. I want to know what their challenges are, what they love, how they feel about everything that’s going on and we adapt from there.

If you have any other tips on how to get the kiddos excited, please share them below. We’d love to hear from you! Shop our Back to School collection here >>>