4 FREE Labor Day Printables for Kids


The unofficial end of summer is here – Labor Day – a nice, long 3 day weekend for many of us. Whether you’re on the road or staying home, here are 5 free Labor Day printables to keep the little ones busy this weekend!









To download and print:

  1. Click on the download link under each image
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Click save as
  4. Save to desktop
  5. Open document
  6. Print

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Have a 4th grader? Your family gets free admission to National Parks. Here’s how!


Thanks to the Every Kid in a Park initiative, all 4th graders and their families will be invited to visit our country’s outdoor treasures and historic sites anytime they like during the 2015-2016 school year… free of charge! This includes all National Parks, Federal Land and Waters.

Part of the White House’s “Every Kid in the Park” initiative, this program is made possible by the National Park Service and National Park Foundation. The objective is to introduce kids to outdoor recreation. Students just need to sign up online and they will then get a voucher that grants entrance to the student and a carload of passengers to federal recreation areas for one year.

Beginning September 1st you will have access to your own Every Kid in a Park pass. This pass will give you free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more! The pass will be good for the 2015-2016 school year until August 31, 2016.

For more information or to sign up, click here. Make sure to pick up sleeping bags, hammocks and backpacks for your little one’s outdoor adventure!

Back to School – Back to Schedules


It’s Back to School time which means it’s back to schedules, too. The summer break hangover is all too real in our household. I think it’s easier to convince my children to get a shot from the doctor than it is to get them out of bed and off to school. We’re constantly rushing through the house and out the door. Thankfully I have learned a few things through the years, and it doesn’t hurt that I work with a bunch of fantastic mamas who can offer advice, too. Here are some of the ways we get our kiddos back into the groove of school.

Let’s start with this: if the kiddos aren’t excited about going back to school, it’s going to be much tougher to get them back into a routine. We try to make the experience as exciting and fun as possible for our kiddos. One thing we do is buy new backpacks for the kids every year. It seems small, but my kids absolutely love to pick out a new backpack to rock on the first day of school.

And we always let them pick out a new outfit to wear on the first day of school. One of our children has uniforms so we let her pick out new shoes and accessories for her first day back. It’s so funny to me that at the mention of new clothes, their attitudes go from nope to yep in an instant.

We start getting the kids back into the bedtime routine about 2 weeks before school starts. We gradually decrease their bedtime to make it a little easier on them. It’s not going to be real fun transition if you let them stay up until 11 p.m. one night and then the next night bedtime is at 9 p.m.Once school has started, we focus on the routine heavily the first couple of weeks with job posters and lists so we can get everything down and in the habit. I have a poster for chores and the house routine and then a chart for what they need for school to keep it all straight.

We do a fun themed dinner the night before. It’s when I give the kids their new backpacks, school supplies and then we have a fun dinner. We have a family theme for the year. This year we are keeping it simple and doing the theme from Cinderella, “Have Courage & Be Kind.” We talk about what that means and what it looks like at school, and ways that they can live our “theme” through the school year. It makes the night before something fun that they look forward to, and gives them a reminder through the year for how to act and be.

I also take a photo of them with their favorite things on a sign and then do the same on the last day so we can see how they’ve grown and changed throughout the year.

Be just as prepared as you’ve prepared your children. I always make sure their clothes are laid out and easily accessible, their backpacks are packed and at the door the night before, and I have their lunch ready to go (as much as I can anyway). We love to prep as much food as possible in advance. For ideas on easy lunches & prepping tips, see this post.

We do a lot of talking the first week or so. I want to know what their challenges are, what they love, how they feel about everything that’s going on and we adapt from there.

If you have any other tips on how to get the kiddos excited, please share them below. We’d love to hear from you! Shop our Back to School collection here >>>

10 Easy Lunches for Back to School + Tips!


Back to school time always sneaks up on us and it always leaves us scrambling for last minute supplies and lunch ideas. To make the transition easier, we’ve found 10 super easy lunches for you to make your little one, and we promise they’ll be pleased! Plus, we’ve included some tips that make our lives and mornings much easier.


Roll up your little one’s favorite cheese and meat for a quick and easy lunch.
Our kiddos love anything that comes on a stick!


Here’s a variation of the meat & cheese roll ups! Lay out a tortilla, layer with
meat and cheese, roll up & slice into bite size pieces.


Don’t be afraid to use those leftovers! They make the easiest lunches. Here we
have some leftover cheese tortellini, green beans, gold fish and grape halves.


A bagel with cream cheese, leftover green beans, grapes, leftover tortellini and applesauce.


Half a sandwich, veggies, fruit and a granola bar.


A small half sandwich, blueberries, watermelon, cucumbers and sausage.


Leftover chicken leg, watermelon, cucumber and dip!


Super easy, super quick half sandwich, blueberries, crackers & apple sauce.


Make it fun and add a little bit of everything to their lunch!


Sandwich, crackers, veggies & fruits!

Helpful Tips:

1. Whatever can be done the day before – do it! Use Sunday’s to meal prep and get most of the largest items prepped and done.

2. Use your leftovers to create fun alternatives.

3. One our favorite go-to’s is chicken in the crockpot. Throw it in Sunday morning and a few hours later, you’ll have shredded chicken perfect for all week long. You can add seasonings to it at the beginning, or cook it plain and spice it up throughout the week with whatever your little one likes.

4. Make some hardboiled eggs ahead of time. To save stove top space, try using your oven. Crank that bad boy up to 350 degrees, place your eggs on the rack or in a muffin tin, and cook for 30 minutes. Take out, place in a ice bath and then put in the fridge or use however you’d like.

5. Make a breakfast bake ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about making breakfast in the morning. We love laying down some crescent rolls on the bottom of a pan, cooking up some sausage or bacon, whipping up some eggs, add some cheese and baking to golden brown perfection!

6. Chop your veggies and fruits in advance so you can just grab and go in the mornings.

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Princess Pinky Girl
Simple as That
Really, Are you Serious?

KidSteals 2015 Back to School Week

It feels like school was just let out for summer, and here we are scrambling to get ready for the new school year. Don’t you worry, though, we’re here to make your life easier! All week long we will be celebrating Back to School Week with great steals at 8am and 8pm PST. Starting July 20 – July 24, we’ll be featuring all of the best supplies and brands that your kiddos love and want.

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4th of July Crafts for the Kiddos


The 4th of July has always been a fun summer holiday in our family. From backyard BBQs to water fights, we take complete advantage of the stress-free time away from work and enjoy having fun with our family and friends. This year the entire family is getting together which means a ton of fun, but also a ton of kiddos running around. We went to Pinterest to find some 4th of July crafts for the kids to do and thought we would share them with all of you! We can’t wait to see how your kids’ projects turn out; don’t forget to share them with us.

Here are some of our favorites!



Source: here and here


Source: here and here


Source: here, here, here and here

The kids are going to love these crafts! Check out our 4th of July Pinterest board for more holiday inspiration. And don’t forget to use your 15% off coupon code “JULY4TH” on any order this Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th. Get Shopping >>

We’d love to see some of the crafts your munchkins create. Leave us a comment below or tag us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #wesendjoy.

Smart PJs Giveaway!

Hey smarty pants! Kids these days love good, old-fashioned bedtime stories, but they also love learning with new technology. Enter Smart PJs — donned in what appear to be just regular polka dots are actually scannable codes to access instant story classics right on your Apple/Android devices or tablet.

There are 90 different animal and bedtime stories with included audio on each pair of pajamas! This makes them great for car rides or quiet time so the story is read to them. Stories range from the classic Mother Goose, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and stories your children will love. Each also comes with 2 FREE Smart PJs storybook apps with every pair at your favorite app store, including iTunes and GooglePlay.

smart pjs giveaway

Ready to learn how to get started? Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose from multiple FREE “Smart PJs” Apps from your App Store (IOS 6 required for iPhone)
  2. After starting the App, scan one of the dot groups (just like taking a picture). Make sure you only scan one dot group at a time. Press “use” or “save” on the screen.
  3. Turn up your volume and prepare to be delighted!
  4. When finished, press “scan” to capture a new dot group and enjoy up to 90 different animal or bedtime stories!

smart pjs giveaway

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How to Measure a Kid’s Head for a Helmet

Your head is one of the most important parts of your entire body. Where would you be without your head? Well, probably in a museum, because let’s face it, a head-less person is pretty rare. But seriously, your head is super important. Fun fact; did you know that the human brain weighs about 3 pounds, and an elephant’s brain weighs 11 pounds, and a whale’s brain weighs 22 pounds. That’s a huge brain. Did you know that the brain takes the longest of any organ to develop and goes through more changes than any other organ. The brain is responsible for everything we do; speaking, moving, thinking, posture, eating, seeing, balance… the list goes on and on. Literally EVERYTHING! The human head contains 22 bones to help protect the brain. This is good for minor bumps, bonks, and jostles, but don’t you think we should do everything we can to protect that thing that sits on top of our shoulders? Especially when participating in extreme sports. In 2009, motorcyclists in Nigeria wore dried pumpkin shells on their heads to get round new helmet laws. Safe, right? We think there is a better way to protect the ol’ noggin, and we think you’re going to LOVE it. So be sure to visit Kidsteals.com on Thursday, March 12th at 8 AM PST. In the meantime, we’re going to help you learn how to properly measure your kids head for a helmet.

Did you know that the average person’s head is a full adult size by age 10? But determining what size helmet to buy isn’t just based on age. Every child has a different size, and shape for that matter, of head and grows at a different rate, so it’s important to measure as well.

how to measure a kid's head for a helmet

Here are a few steps to help you properly select the best helmet for your child:

Step 1: Wrap a flexible tape measure around your child’s head just above their eyebrows.  Make sure to keep the tape measure flat against their head with no bumps or creases. It should be level all the way around. Don’t pull too tight, it shouldn’t pinch or hurt while measuring.

Step 2: Read the measurement off the tape. Make sure you read the measurement in centimeters as most helmet sizes come based off centimeters. This is their head circumference.

Step 3: Find a helmet designed to fit the circumference of their head. Most companies have size charts, small, medium or large, with head circumference measurements in centimeters associated to them.

Step 4: Once you get a helmet, try it on your child and make sure it fits properly. Make sure it fits the shape of their head as well as the circumference. Adjust the padding inserts, and the turn dial if it has one. The helmet should cover their forehead and the back of their head. If they put it on and shake their head front and back or side to side, the helmet shouldn’t wobble in either direction. If you were to put your hand on top of the helmet and twists it, your child’s head should go with the helmet. If the helmet twists freely on their head, it is too loose.

Step 5: Adjust the helmet’s chin strap and side straps. The chin strap should fit snugly but not pinch, and shouldn’t restrict their ability to breathe, swallow or speak. The side straps should slide up so they are directly below your child’s ears.

Step 6: Take your new helmet out for a new adventure, and have fun!



Nutcase Helmet Giveaway!

spring children's collection

It’s Spring Fever Week here at KidSteals.com and we have certainly caught the fever! We are aching for warm weather, and with the sunshine comes kiddos begging to go outside to play. We are ready for a season of biking, skating, boarding, and more and our favorite way to keep kids safe is Nutcase Helmets!

Why? Their line of helmets come with the revolutionary Fidlock(r) Magnetic Buckle, allowing for one-handed no-pinch operation,  a Spin Dial at the back for a customized snug and comfortable fit, and reflectivity on all sides!

Plus can we talk for a minute about how adorable their unique designs are? The most vital part of helmet safety is making sure your children actually wear their helmets, and with these stylish designs, kiddos have no qualms with donning Nutcase.

nutcase helmets giveaway

Check out all the excellent features of Nutcase Helmets:

  • Magnetic buckle means no pinching!
  • Adjustable spin dial allows for a snug & comfortable fit
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Protective EPS shock-absorbing liner
  • Front, top & back venting
  • Deluxe soft chin pad for extra comfort
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • CPSC Certification

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Signing Time Christmas Giveaway

Sing and sign your favorite carols and original songs with Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins all while learning 45+ holiday signs.

There are multiple play options for the multiple ways that families celebrate the season. Choose sacred. Choose secular. Choose both!

Collection includes:

  • Signing Time Christmas DVD — Alex and Leah return to the treehouse
  • Sing & Sign Christmas DVD — Learn to sign “Silent Night,” “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” “Away In A Manger,” “Jingle Bells,” “The First Noel,” and more!
  • Christmas Songs CD

Grab the disc set or even available for digital download so you can watch now!

signing time christmas collection
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