Titan's Treasures Dinosaur Bank

teach your kiddo healthy saving habits that will last a lifetime

Titan's Treasures

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green pterosaur dinosaur bank 7x8.5x6
Sold out!

purple t-rex dinosaur bank 7.5x7x6
Sold out!

yellow stegosaurus dinosaur bank 8.5x7x5.5
Sold out!

blue triceratops dinosaur bank 9x6.5x6
Sold out!

Teach your kiddo good saving habits with an adorable Dinosaur Bank. Did you know that our founder, Jana Francis, had her own little bank when she was growing up? She always knew how much money was in it, which helped her develop responsible, lifelong spending habits. Knowing the value of a dollar well spent led her to launch STEALS.com with the a solid foundation of saving while you spend; that's an idea we have all benefited from! Help your tots learn how to save and spend while enjoying the cute designs from Titan's Treasures.


  • made of fun and colorful vinyl
  • won’t break when dropped
  • t-rex measures 7.5”x7”x6”
  • pterosaur measures 7”x8.5”x6”
  • triceratops measures 9”x6.5”x6”
  • stegosaurus measures 8.5”x7”x5.5”

About Titan's Treasures

Since the beginning of 2013, Titan's Treasure has been bringing their customers trendy products at reasonable prices for both adult and children alike.

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