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Squatchi Foot Sizer
50% off retail
the easy, colorful, and accurate way to measure children's feet at home

chidren's foot sizer
Sold out!

chidren's foot sizer
Sold out!

chidren's foot sizer
Sold out!

chidren's foot sizer
Sold out!

Thanks to the Squatchi, you can make shoe shopping for your kiddo a whole lot easier. Invented by a mom who wanted to measure her child's feet without stepping into a store, the Squatchi is the accurate and easy way for parents to make sure they buy the right shoe size. Spring and summer shoe shopping are right around the corner on, so arm yourself with the Squatchi and avoid tantrums in the store. With plenty of room to grow, the Squatchi is ready for years of use, and is also a fun way to track your child's growth.


  • lightweight
  • recyclable
  • unbreakable plastic
  • kid-friendly colors
  • colorful growth chart and keepsake
  • use permanent marker to track your child's growth
  • made in the U.S.


Squatchi has been featured as a recommended product by Smart Mom Picks. Click here to read more about why Smart Mom Picks recommends Squatchi.

About Squatchi

Squatchi was conceived in 2008, when the co-founder, Amy Carabajal, tried to avoid the dreaded trip to the shoe store with small children. Like most parents with small kids, Amy felt the shoe store experience was a challenge in which she usually ended up leaving empty-handed with screaming kids. With the emergence of online shoe retailers and their attractive shipping and tax policies, buying online was easier and less daunting; however, going to the store just to get sized was still necessary.

After looking for a sizing solution, Amy found the few options available to be inaccurate, hard to use, or just plain silly. After discussing this common problem with friends and fellow parents, Amy realized the need for a reliable, durable, fun home-sizing solution. Her next mission was to go buy a kid’s shoe sizer for the home. This was the Squatchi beginning.

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