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Powder Pouch - 2-Pack
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a beach bag must-have

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Developed by a fifth-generation beach family, the ingenious Powder Pouch makes it a breeze to brush away unwanted beach sand. Throw this InStyle-recommended product in your beach bag and gently wipe away uncomfortable sand instead of little tears.

  • comes with its own carrying case to contain the powder
  • filled with a starting supply of talc
  • washable and refillable
  • 100% cotton
  • dimensions: 4” W x 5” H x 1” D
  • made in the U.S.


Remove the powder-filled pouch from its carrying case, give it a few taps, and gently wipe it over sandy skin. Annoying sand easily falls away and leaves skin feeling smooth and comfortable. Throw the Powder Pouch into your beach bag, gym bag, or tote bag for easy on-the-go powdering.


This makes it fun and easy to get the sand off. My kids love it! -Kelly S. Long Beach, NY

Powder Pouch is a great Product! I've used it all Summer washed it twice and it's still going strong! -Pete S. Middletown, NJ

Such a simple concept that works. My kids all demanded to have their own. -Laurie J. Point Pleasant, NJ

About Powder Pouch

The Powder Pouch was created by a fifth-generation beach family who learned their love of the sand did not need to carry over into their homes.

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