Warrior Poet T-Shirt

Warrior Poet

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warrior poet
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saddle brown
girl's best friend
warrior poet
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atomic red
i've got your back
warrior poet
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graphite grey
live like heroes
warrior poet
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storm grey
love thy enemy
warrior poet
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atomic red
phoenix rising
warrior poet
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dragon teal
punk guitar
warrior poet
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storm grey
red writes the blues
warrior poet
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Every boy is a hero. The clothes he wears should show that he’s strong and honorable. Warrior Poet t-shirts boldly declare who he is with valor, loyalty, wisdom, and temperance. The values these shirts represent give your son something good to live up to while still looking cool.

Dress your boy in honor


  • 100% soft cotton
  • crew neck styling
  • quality craftsmanship
  • sustainable water-based inks

All Access

Your boy has a backstage pass to all the action with this design.

Girl's Best Friend

Inspired by the old-world qualities of the chivalrous knight in shining armor. The boy who takes on the pressures of the outside world while refining his body, soul, and mind is a diamond, and we all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

I've Got Your Back

The Warrior Poet exudes loyalty, letting his friends know, "I've got your back!" while his trusty shield has his back protected in style.

Live Like Heroes

Every great leader has a battle cry, a battle-tested shield, and the valor of a hero.

Love Thy Enemy

To love your friends is human but a Warrior Poet exudes temperance by obeying the charge to "love thy enemy."

Phoenix Rising

Like phoenix rising from the ashes and the legend it embodies, this timeless piece with metallic silver script represents what is true and lasting.

Punk Guitar

This Warrior Poet of rock, has his guitar strapped to his back, lives out loud, and changes everything in his path for good!

Red Writes the Blues

He’ll imagine he’s the lead singer and guitarist of the band, a modern-day poet taking five with his guitar on his back...and that's how red writes the blues.


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Care Instructions

  • machine wash cold

About Warrior Poet Clothier

History shows us many examples of The Warrior Poet. From the chivalrous knight, to the intrigue of the samurai, we are drawn to this gifted individual. The Warrior Poet is balanced, stronger, and more thoughtful than most. He’s part of the leadership class who guides with wisdom and courage. Like the Warrior Poet, at the core of every young man is the desire to save the day and love to the fullest. Pop culture says you’re either “a lover or a fighter." The Warrior Poet says, "Be both!"

Warrior Poet Clothier’s crusade is, "Building Armor with a Flare for the Next Generation of Men." Telling them to go farther, dream bigger, and look good doing it.

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