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Good things come in small packages.

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Ju-Ju-Be is a fan favorite. Ju-Ju-Be Mini Be bags are the perfect size for quick trips. They include all the classic features; antimicrobial, teflon treated, machine washable and memory foam shoulder strap pads. Ju-Ju-Be has thought of everything, and these smaller mom and me sized bags are no exception.

Mini be - flower power

  • $32.99
  • Retail $50.00
  • Closure: All metal hardware and self healing coil zippers.
  • Special features: Super comfy air mesh back panel; teflon fabric protector — helps repel stains.
  • Material: Teflon treated outer fabric.
  • Care instructions: Machine wash, air dry.
  • Pockets: Outside magnet pocket keeps everything handy; inside zipper pocket for organizing all your little stuff.
  • Dimensions: 9" x 12" x 5"
  • Handle: Carry handle; adjustable straps, memory foam in shoulder pad.
  • Lining: AgION antimicrobial linings — kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria.

Good things come in mini packages! But is it a mini pack for you or for your mini me? .... you'll figure that one out on your own. Perfectly small for trips around town if it's for you, or big enough to carry a folder and a few books if it's for your preschooler. Wide opening to get access to all your stuff, and gussets to make sure that nothing falls out. Pack it up and get ready for your next mini adventure!

Ju-Ju-Be Mini Be



"Now my kids are 2 and 3 I need something a bit smaller for every day running around town, but also need to be hands free. I love the new mini-be....it actually fits a whole lot and is super comfy to wear and light weight. Couldn't be happier - well bottle pockets would make me ecstatic, but I'm happy enough stashing the sippy cups on the inside of the bag." -Suzy

"Great little bag for fast quick trips or for a gym bag. Possibilities are endless." -Tracie

About Ju-Ju-Be

Ju-Ju-Be was started by the dynamic duo of Kristin Hunziker and Joe Croft. Why did they start up a whole new brand? Because despite the great fashion (and even some great features) of the other brands, there were still some things lacking. No one had put to use the latest in technology. No one had successfully acted on the idea that fashion and function aren't mutually exclusive. No one had delved into the deep realm of microbes and anti-stick coatings. Everyone else says that diaper bags aren't rocket science. Ju-Ju-Be thinks they can be. Along with being a lot of fun.

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