Storybook Wishes Princess & Knight Costumes

Magical costumes because our kids want more than we've got planned.

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Storybook Wishes

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Halloween is coming up and these costumes couldn't be more adorable! It's also always great to have an extra costume or two for pretend play. Our little ones love to have friends over to play dress-up and these costumes are just like the ones in the movies. Kids will love and admire all the detail to make them look just like their favorite characters. Realistic, comfortable, and perfect design to make your cutie's wishes come true.

**Please allow up to 5-7 extra business days for your order to ship.**

Storybook Wishes Princess & Knight Costumes


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About Storybook Wishes

"Precious, darling, sweet, and heart-melting" are all words you can find in the thesaurus when you look up Storybook Wishes Dresses, Tutus, & Accessories. Never before have we considered product to be "too cute," but these adorable dancing dresses, doll and girl matching tutus, and ballet bears have just about killed us with cuteness. Whether she is twirling to the Nutcracker or prancing around in the living room, keep her stylishly precious in fanciful designs from Storybook Wishes.

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