Mona MELisa Peel & Play Education Mini Sets

Make learning fun with reusable, educational stickers!

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Mona MELisa Designs

We handpicked this because

they are amazing for kids. the Mona MeLisa reusable travel peel & play sets are great for planes, trains, cars, and trips. They fit perfectly in the seat back pocket of a plane, stashed under a seat in the car, or in a back pak!

Mona MELisa Peel & Play Education Mini Sets


Choose from the following sets:

The educational solar system play set teaches the following skills:

Planet recognition
Solar System Configuration
Phases of the Earth’s moon
Seasons of the year
Earth’s axis and rotation around the sun
Galaxy shapes and recognition
Black Holes
With additional resources it can be integrated to teach about the characteristics of different planets. Gravity, space travel and the history of space exploration can also be addressed using this set.

The educational world map play set teaches the following skills:

Continent names
Continent geography
Map reading
Compass readings and directionals
Bodies of water recognition and geography
Latitude and longitude
World cultural landmarks
Climate Zones and temperatures

The educational human body play set teaches the following skills:

Systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal)
Recognition of organs
Organ placement in the body
Recognition of bones
Bone placement in the body
Integration of body systems

The educational habitat/environment play set teaches the following skills:

Basic understanding of how an ecosystem works
Animal recognition
Animal classification (reptile, mammal, bird, fish, amphibian or insect)
Habitat recognition
Habitat classification
Traits of different animal species
Herbivore, carnivore or omnivore
Food chain (producer, consumer, top consumer)
Natural resources definitions and examples
Renewable resources definitions and examples
Non-renewable resources definitions and examples

The educational letters/numbers play set teaches the following skills:

Upper case letter recognition
Lower case letter recognition
Letter/word matching
Number recognition
Number patterns
Place value

The educational math play set teaches the following skills:

equivalent fractions
numerator vs. denominator
properties of multiplication
multiplication and division practice
geometric shapes
angles and lines
perimeter and area
addition and subtraction

About Mona MELisa Designs

Mona MELisa Designs is a company that has been several years in the making. After owning their own child-related businesses for several years, Melissa and Lisa met via a virtual baby shower where Melissa won a gift from Lisa's company being raffled during the shower. They became fast internet friends and began working together to create a line of customized children's growth charts and canvas wall art for Lisa's online business. As they collaborated on this line of products, they realized they had stumbled onto a unique business idea which would allow them to bring their amazing, custom children's artwork to the world. With Melissa's artistic abilities and using the unique children's characters from Lisa's product lines, In December 2009, Mona MELisa Designs was born!

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