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PATH + Laftr

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Path and Laftr shirts are superior to anything you will find in a chain store. We are in love with these soft, comfy, Canadian designs for boys that aren't formal or stuffy. These colorful, fun, and comfy shirts are made from 100% high-quality fine combed cotton for the softest feel. Say goodbye to scratchy labels from big box stores and hello to cut and rolled neck ribs, stitch details to the hemlines, and outfit making graphics he’ll love with Path and Laftr.

Path and Laftr Boys Clothing


How to Measure

​Height – leave ​your shoes off and measure from the top of your head to the ground. ​

Chest – measure the fullest part of your chest – don’t hold your breath! ​

Waist – your natural waist is where you belly button is! If you can’t find it bend sideways and see where the crease is. ​

Hips – measure around the juiciest part of your butt cheeks! ​

Remember - bodies come in all sorts or shapes and sizes, don’t just go by your age. The ages and heights on the labels are just a guide, so for maximum style and greatness, buy the size that’s right for you!


"I just want to share how much my son loves the scuba hoodie. He wears it everyday with the exception of washing days. It is so soft and has remained that way even after many washes. It looks as good as the day we got it. Fantastic!" - Krishna. Vancouver, Canada

"My son loves his Path and Laftr Clothing so much, it's inspired him to lay his P&L clothes out each night before going to bed. Literally!! He's so excited to get up and just put them on the next morning...we never seen that kind of excitement over clothing before. Thank you Path and Laftr. - Maria. N.Vancouver, Canada

About PATH + Laftr

After yet another fruitless shopping trip with her then, 12 year old son, it was time for Path and Laftr founder Michele Fildes to change the game. They both wanted to buy clothing that had a little more style, more color, better quality fabrics and garment construction. and all for a price that would make a wallet happy. With a background in Children’s fashion design and buying, it was an obvious time for Michele to start something. Path and Laftr Clothing Inc was born, just for Boys, apparel challenged years from 7-16 years old. Path and Laftr believe in designing and manufacturing clothes for a generation that is growing up very differently, with the influence of electronics on everyday life and with very different choices and interests. They ensure their partner factory in India uses best practices for both the workers and the environment. Path and Laftr Clothing Inc also has committed to donating a percentage of profits to help educate children in India and also here at home in Canada.

2 STEALS DAILY 8am /8pm (pst)
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