Gemz Jelly Shoes Craft Kit
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the ultimate craft kit for fashion loving divas everywhere

gemz shoes craft kit| girls black
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gemz shoes craft kit| girls clear
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gemz shoes craft kit| girls fuchsia
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gemz shoes craft kit| girls light pink
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gemz shoes craft kit| girls purple
46% off | retail $25.99
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We hand-picked this because: we love jelly shoes as moms because they remind us of our childhood. These Gemz shoes are perfect for dress-up, Halloween princess shoes, or just everyday wear shoes. In addition to being a darling shoe, they are a shoe that your little girl can decorate and make her very own. They are the ultimate fun shoe, and a fun art project too!

See how much fun Emmy had with her Gemz Shoes!

"My 7 year old loves art projects! When I saw these Gemz shoes I knew I had to get them. Sure enough they were a hit and she asks to wear them everywhere we go. They are adorable, sweet and take me back to when I was her age. She is always excited to show people the shoes she designed. These are my go to birthday gifts for little girls from now on. I can not recommend these enough. Such a great product!" -Teisha, Merchandising

gemz shoes craft kit| girls

Stretchy, flexible and comfy! These shoes run slightly large to accommodate growing feet.

  • embellishments : sparkle rhinestone gemz adhesive diamond stickers (no mess!)
  • note : colored glitter glue stick (non- toxic)
    adhesive pearls 
    sparkle adhesive flowers 
    neon pyramid sticker spikes 
    reusable colored vinyl carry/storage bag with handles
+ Gemz Shoe Sizing

Gems Shoe Sizing Chart

insole length
insole width

sizing is approximate

About Arch Tags

Gemz by Arch Tags launched in 2011 with their first totally unique product for women's shoes - Arch Tags! Since then, they've become addicted to giving women, and now girls, a chance to express their individuality through design and fashion! Through the products they continue to create they hope to inspire those around the world to play, experiment, and remind you that there really are no rules when it comes to this stuff.

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