a'la Board Magnetic, Dry-Erase, Chore Chart

Stylish, practical, and easy task list for kids.

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a'la Board

We handpicked this because

it is a creative way to help your child track their own progress, give a gentle reminder of tasks to be completed, and can help keep track of earning rewards. Never have to remind your children what to do again! Ok, that might be wishful thinking, but this Chore Chart will help you get there!

a'la Board Magnetic, Dry-Erase, Chore Chart



"I have had my fridge calendar for about three years and I couldn’t function without it. I calendar my work schedule, all my families’ birthdays for the month, appointments, lesson teaching dates, and anything I want to remember. I love mine so much I have purchased 4 or 5 others for friends of mine and two cousins. They love theirs equally as well!" -Tammie H, Utah

"My calendar has helped me to stay more organized and really added a nice touch to my kitchen. I would definitely recommend ala board calendars to friends. Thank you for your great product!" -Nikole P, New Jersey

“I love that my kids have been motivated by these simple and darling chore charts! They know exactly what they need to do. They are more accountable for the way they spend their time. Not only does it work great for my children, but I have to admit that I love it for myself just as well. I am such a list girl. I love to check things off, and so do my kids!" -Virginia W, Georgia

About a'la Board

When two busy moms decided to create the perfect calendar to keep track of their hectic schedules, they made sure to design something that could accommodate all their needs. In founding a'la Board, they ended up with fabulously functional products that not only worked perfectly for them, but for mothers all around the country!

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