Dowling Magnets Magnetic Games

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Dowling Magnets

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these are perfect for road trips, great for rainy days, long waits at the doctor's office, fantastic church attention getters, and summer boredom killers. They are also awesome to give as a gift to new big sisters or brothers when they get a new baby in the house. We love these sets because they are different than typical books and games. Our kids have so much fun with them too.

Dowling Magnets Magnetic Games


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About Dowling Magnets

Dowling’s roots reach back to the 40’s, but things really snapped into place in 1986. Some of Dowling’s employees had teachers for spouses, and those teachers, being resourceful as teachers are (wink, wink), gave Dowling’s line an A+ for educational potential. Marriage being what it is, the employees cobbled together various parts and pieces to create the magnetic teaching tools their spouses sought. The spouses and their students used them with great success; other teachers saw them and wanted them; and so on. You know how that goes. Needless to say, making engaging, educational magnetic products for students and teachers was far more attractive than selling stock screw starters and nail drivers…Voila, modern-day Dowling was born!

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