Joybay Outdoor Swing Car

An entertaining vehicle for kids powered by momentum.

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they are so much fun! Summer is here and your kids will be ready to go out and play. Joybay Swing Cars are a great outdoor toy and are perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages. Swing Cars are the only toy that harnesses your kids' inexhaustible energy to power the fun. Kids don't need to know how to balance, or how to peddle; they just sit and wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. Swing Cars are entertaining for all ages and perfect for loads of summer fun. Let the races begin!

Joybay Outdoor Swing Car


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"We have been obsessed with swing cars for a couple years now. They are the perfect toy! Our 2 year old can do it, and loves it. Our 5 year old can't get enough. These are oh-so-fun and versatile. We may have family parties based on swing car races. Let's face should too. From toddler to adult, these rock! " -Jessica, Buyer


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