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Let kids move to help them focus.

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Kore Stools

We handpicked this because

we understand how hard it is for kids to have the wiggles. While it can be distracting for parents, movement is natural for children and helps them focus on what's in front of them. With Kore Stools, your little one can have ants in their pants and pay attention to coloring, reading, or homework. Parents and teachers will love these for home and the back to school classroom.

Kore Stools


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"I just love the Kore wobble chair and the students do too! As a school based physical therapist I am amazed at how the chairs' design can help with core strength, balance AND attention in the classroom. It is a true gem and is the best seat in any classroom." - Susan Calandra, PT Tonawanda, NY



kid testimonial kianna

"To say that my 3 1/2 year old is active is an huge understatement. From the day he started to walk—he's been running. The first day we tried out the Kore Stool I turned on a movie and I couldn't believe that he sat on the stool wiggling and bouncing for 18 minutes straight (yes, I did actually time him). That hasn't happened before. He's typically lost interest and onto 5 other things by the time 20 minutes has passed. He gets excited that he has his own cool chair all to himself. I love it because it helps him get out his energy and channel it in a way that is beneficial to all in the household. We love our Kore Stool!" - Kianna, Customer Service

About Kore Stools

We simply weren't designed to sit still all day, yet many of us do—at work, at home, in a studio or classroom, in front of a computer—modern life has forced us into static positions for many hours of the day. Thankfully, Kore Design has found a way to allow ourselves and our children to sit without having to sit still. Ordinary chairs and stools force our bodies into unnatural, static positions, resulting in long-lasting physical discomfort, but Kore stools free our natural movements, so we can focus on what we're doing without feeling like we're stuck in a rigid position for too long. Inspired by the body and its natural energy, Kore Designs helps all of us sit the way we've always wanted to.

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