Mack & Co Fleece Coats

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Mack & Co.

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our little fashionistas need something that will showcase their magnificent sense of style. These adorable fleece coats will let our gals whirl and twirl, while keeping them warm and snuggly. Perfect for any activity in the fall, winter, or spring; from school, to play, to a night on the town. We love Mack & Co. Fleece coats for all of these reasons (and so do our littles)!

Mack & Co Fleece Coats


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About Mack & Co.

Stella & Stevie and the Mack & Co. label are the proud by-products of a friendship and business partnership between Penny Crivelli and Gerri Mack; the two decided to jump in the deep end of the entrepreneurship pool and founded Crivelli Mack in 2005. Based in San Francisco, their design focus is on fun, feminine, colorful, and unique products of true value.

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