Disposable Potty 12-Pack from Pottyflip

Don't start a trip without your pottyflip.

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We handpicked this because

they are just what you need to keep in your car for your young ones when the uh oh! strikes. We are in the summer travel months and the pottyflip makes it easy to keep a clean, safe potty anywhere you take your kiddo. It's portable, disposable, bio-degradable and comes in compact, easy-to-stow packaging, and flips open for immediate set up.

Pottyflip disposable potty 12-pack

  • $14.99
  • $32.00
  • Contents: Each comes with a black twist-tie to tie off the "mess" until parents can dispose of the potty
  • Recommended age: 12 months to 5 years, supports up to 75 lbs
  • Special features: Resealable; no mess; no fuss; no more dirty public restroom seats; easy to carry pocket size fits in the palm of your hand; bio-degradable and disposable

This portable, disposable, bio-degradable potty comes in compact, easy-to-stow packaging, and flips open for immediate set up. Whether you're going on a road trip to visit family, stuck in inclement weather, or your newly potty trained kiddo can't hold it in, stash a Pottyflip in the car or a bag and ensure that no matter what, there's always a Pottyflip!

Disposable Potty 12-Pack from Pottyflip


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"pottyflips have saved my car more times that I can even remember. I have a girl that doesn't like "abnormal" restrooms. She hates going in a gas station, will not use a porta-potty, and forget about using the bathroom while camping. Since she was potty trained, pottyflips have been the answer for us. From being in the middle of nowhere on a road trip, to making s'mores in the mountains, she uses her pottyflips so easily—no tears and no issues. She started at 2 and still uses them at 5 when we don't have a restroom handy. We are so grateful for these (and so is she)! I always keep a couple in my car for emergencies...and we definitely use them! pottyflips are a must-have at our house!" -Jessica, KidSteals.com Buyer


About pottyflip

American Hygiene Products developed a disposable potty which helps parents handle their children's potty needs on the go. Their goal was to create a safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly product that makes potty training easier—especially for those emergency bathroom breaks!

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