Kiddidoo Hard Case Trolley & Backpack

durable & waterproof bags to protect precious cargo

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We handpicked this because

kids love to feel big and do what adults are doing. Being in charge of their own items makes them feel cool and helps them gain confidence. These trolleys and backpacks are perfect for helping kids tote around all their own toys, clothes, and other important items. They are durable and strong to withstand all the bumps and bangs they might get along the way.

Kiddidoo Hard Case Trolley & Backpack


About Kiddidoo

Kiddidoo is comprised of a creative team of people that have been designing and making children’s products for more than 20 years. Experience and knowledge in the business of children’s product lines, has led to the development of this high quality series of rain gear for kids. All products are uniquely designed, created and overseen by one of the most respected designers of children products in Belgium. Kids simply love the themes and colors of Kiddidoo products! Currently the team is working on a new series of travel trolleys, kid’s garden tools and much more!

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