Little Adventures Princess Dresses

Costumes for princesses that want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

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Little Adventures

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with gadgets and gizmos a plenty in this day in age, we want to get your children playing with their imagination. These dresses are perfect for pretending to be the princesses they see from day to day, to wear at their favorite amusement parks, or buy now for Halloween. Designed for kids, the bright colors and comfort will make these a fast favorite. Also constructed for parents in mind, these are easy to clean for those kiddos that like to be a princess every day and high quality, so you will be fighting to get them off your children.

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Little Adventures Princess Dresses


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About Little Adventures

Little Adventures® was started in 2002 when two Moms discovered the lack of high quality, affordable dress ups available for their children. Little Adventures® is dedicated to nurturing imagination and magic that live in young children. Their wonderful collection of princess dress ups, magical mermaids and boy costumes is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.

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