Snappy Suits & Safety Alarm

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Snappy Suits

We handpicked this because

these clever suits for children snap at the bottom like a bodysuit, making diaper changing and potty training a "snap". With a hidden pocket for an anti-drown and anti-distance monitor (sold separately), these suits are a win-win!

Snappy Suits & Safety Alarm


Peace of Mind Included

Sadly 30% of deaths among children ages 12 months to 4 years old are from accidental drowning. Accidental drownings often occur when family and friends are present, with no splashing or yelling.

Swim Angel Water submersion & distance Alarm helps prevent drowning and alerts a parent when the child is not near. Snappy-Suits have a strategically placed back pocket that snaps closed and holds this alarm for children who will not wear the band. It is not a substitute for diligent adult supervision or adequate barriers to restrict the access of children to water hazards, but it helps increase security so you can swim safer.

About Snappy Suits

Snappy Suits was created to solve the problem of taking off the entire one-piece suit in order to change a diaper…..but WAIT, there's more! 30% of deaths among children ages 12 months to 4 years old are a result of accidental drowning. Many of these suits are designed with a back pocket to accommodate a water submersion alarm with the option to also set it for distance. The alarms can be fastened on the wrist or can be placed into a strategically placed back closed pocket. Snappy Suits makes changing a diaper and safety a SNAP!

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