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Create healthy, culinary masterpieces with your little sous chef.

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Handstand Kids

We handpicked this because

our kiddos love to cook with us and these recipes are designed specifically with their skill level and food palate in mind! These sets are so fun! They can help you and your sous chef travel to another part of the world without leaving the comforts of your own kitchen.

Handstand Kids Cookbook & Baking Kits



"The Handstand Kids cookbook is darling. The italian recipes are fun and simple for kids, but also tasty enough to please any discriminating adult's palate. The characters are adorable and I love the diversity of their personalities and backgrounds, as well as the focus on community service. And how can you not love the design, illustration and packaging -- too cute. Kids love the chef's hat that comes with the book too! Three thumbs up." -Tracy S.

"Why didn't someone think of this before? HandStand Kids is just what this country needs to start kids out eating right from an early age and not depend on fast food and frozen dinners but REAL, HOMEADE food! I bought the Italian cookbook for my 6 year old niece and she just loves it...as do I. The cookbook is colorful, with lots of pictures and characters for kids to relate to. It rates the difficulty of the recipes (from 1 to 4 garlic cloves!) My favorite part is the section called "Italianize my....", which includes recipes for how to turn every day food and drinks into Italian versions (sandwiches into panini, sparkling water into Italian soda). Love it!" -Dana

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About Handstand Kids

The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company accessories bring the family together in the kitchen — spending more time cooking and eating healthy. The Handstand Kids Cookbook series feature the languages and cuisines of Italy, Mexico, China, and many other countries. Each Handstand Kids cookbook offers over twenty family friendly recipes, introduces children to traditional, well-known, as well as innovative dishes from around the world, and familiarizes them with the language of the corresponding country.

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