Brolly Sheets Sheet Protectors

Take the hassle out of bed wetting.

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Brolly Sheets

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Brolly Sheets are every mom's new favorite must-have! These mattress-savers are absorbent, breathable layers lie on top of fitted sheets to protect mattresses from accidents and spills. They combine an absorbent middle layer with a soft, noiseless, breathable, and completely waterproof backing to stop liquids from seeping into the mattress. With cotton wings that are super easy to tuck firmly underneath the sides of the mattress, Brolly Sheets are a breeze to change, even in the middle of the night. Available in a range of fun colors, Brolly Sheets are big solutions to wee problems.

How they work:

  • Just place on top of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress
  • The adult or child sleeps on the unique 100% cotton, comfy top
  • The absorbent middle layer and waterproof (yet breathable PUL) backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry

Wash separately prior to use as this will soften the fabric and aid absorbency

**Please allow between 5-7 business days for your order to ship.**

Brolly Sheets Sheet Protectors


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I started using my Brolly Sheets on Sunday night, and just wanted to write and say thank you! They are absolutely fantastic and have saved us so much sleep. Such a fantastic idea! -Jo

I have had my Brolly Sheets for some time now. I actually do not use mine for bed-wetting, but my daughter suffers nose bleeds and the brolly sheet has saved so many sheet sets from the bin and from my wash. We use it higher on the bed and over the pillow in hotter weather. It has been a Godsend. Thank you. -Sarah

I just wanted to let you know that I love the Brolly sheets. They are such a no-fuss, easy way to deal with a wet bed, and sometimes I can't even remember having got up in the night to change my daughter's bed! It will also be an anxiety buster when her friends sleep over. Many thanks for a great product.

About Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets were created by a New Zealand mompreneur who couldn't find the perfect night-time mattress protection for her potty-training children. Tired of complicated sheet changes at two in the morning, and not wanting her kids to sleep on noisy and non-breathable vinyl or PVC sheets, she went to work designing Brolly Sheet to be both easy to change in the middle of the night and comfortable to sleep on. Now there are thousands of kids (and adults) across the world sleeping on Brolly Sheets, and moms and mattresses everywhere are rejoicing.

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