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Oh.Go.Outside—Encourage active play and exercise.

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We handpicked this because

they are extremely fun for kids and adults alike. The perfect family fun toys. We love to take them with us where ever we go during the summer. Vacations, hikes, the pool. These toys encourage playing outdoors (Ogo stands for Oh Go Outside...) and being active and imaginative. All these products would make great gifts for anyone.

OgoSport Toys




” I bought this [OGODisk] for my 11 and 14 year old girls and they are having a blast with it and playing with each other more. We all played it at the beach when we went pre-season and it kept us all occupied, active, and chuckling. “ - Cathryn O.

” These [OGODisk] are the neatest little things I have ever come across. Bounce the ball back & forth between two people or you can bounce it by yourself on the trampoline. But our fave is playing frisbee with it. Even the guy who has never thrown a frisbee can do it. We don't know what we did w/o them. “ - Marilyn D.

” The OgoSport OgoBild POD is tons of fun. Children (and adults) can use the building tubes and colorful rubber balls with sockets to build just about anything. Giant balls, cubes, tunnels, forts...you name it. The materials are super sturdy and durable so that these creations can be thrown and bounced without falling apart. The OgoSport OgoBild POD adds up to many hours of creative fun. “ - RCM "beckahi"

About OgoSport

From award-winning classics like the Super SportsDisk to newer creations like Getta Grip, OgoSport doesn't just design toys or sporting goods, they design something more...They design active play for all ages. They design endless hours of fun for your children. OgoSport was founded in 2004 by a duo of accomplished designers from world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. Their talented roster of creators formed the company to question the current direction of play, and these inquires have inspired them to seek new directions in product development.

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