Lay-n-Go Lite, Large & Lifestyle Toy Organization

Clean up and organize toys in a cinch.

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it's that time of year when we begin our spring cleaning, and we wanted to give you a solution to your kids' millions of little toys that fill up your house. Lay-n-Go is a fan, mom, and staff favorite! These durable, water-repellent toy satchels/play mats lay completely flat, and cinch up tight for a quick and effortless way to clean up. They are also great for road trips. Pack up a few of their favorite things, quick and painlessly, and they will be happy as clams with their toys right at their fingertips!

Lay-n-Go Lite, Large & Lifestyle Toy Organization


"Lego addicts rejoice... there is a miracle clean-up solution that can tidy up even the biggest collector's stash in a snap. No, it's not a magic wand, it's a Lay N Go! My son (and husband!) can play with our large collection of Legos for hours, but cleaning them up was always accompanied with whines and complaints... from both of them! With Lay N Go, they can play in a big area, and when they're finished, voila! With a pull of a string their favorite pieces are tidy, safe, and stashed away until their next play date. It's saved my home from chaos.. and my feet from Lego impalement!" -Kerianne, Buyer

"Lay-n-Go is a must have for travel. While I’m packing up a million things for a weekend getaway, I simply tell my kids to fill their Lay-n-Go with their favorite things and it is done in seconds. I love having it to throw on the grass at the cabin, the beach while we are at the lake, and especially on the floor while staying at hotels. It helps give our toys a ‘home’ while we are away and we aren’t spending hours looking for toys as we are packing up to head home. It’s a real winner." -Nikki, Customer Service

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Safety Information

As with all items containing straps, strings and cord locks, this item may present an entanglement hazard for very young children if misused. Instruct children not to place straps or strings around their neck. This product should be used with adult supervision and is not for children under 3 years of age. This is not a toy. Draw strings could pose a risk to children. Small parts attached.

About LAY/N/GO

Lay-n-Go was created by a mom and dad team. Mom, who loved all her kids’ incredible mind building toys with small pieces, needed an easier solution to clean, contain, and manage the chaos. Dad had a passion for LEGO, and wanted to pass on that passion to his own three sons.

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