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moms everywhere adore reading Boynton Books with their kiddos. Whimsical illustrations and vibrant colors keep your little one's attention, while the stories by Sandra Boynton help teach your tot important early lessons. Whether you are reading to your child or they are learning to read to you, make this holiday season a great one with Sandra Boynton Books.

Sandra Boynton Children Books


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frog trouble

About Boynton

Workman Publishing Company has been producing award-winning calendars, cookbooks, parenting guides, and children’s titles, as well as gardening, humor, self-help, and business books, since 1968. Sandra Boynton is one of America’s best-loved artists. Her Boynton on Board and other books for children have tens of millions of copies in print, with Barnyard Dance!, Snuggle Puppy!, and Pajama Time! leading the way. Ms. Boynton lives with her family in rural Connecticut, working out of a converted barn that has the only hippopotamus weather vane in the state."

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