Wippette Rain Jackets

Warm, waterproof gear for learning to dance in the rain.

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Wippette Kids

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we want you to think about how much fun your kids have playing in the rain? These rain jackets are so snuggly warm, cute, bright, and fun! Your kids can play outside in the rain for hours and not get drenched. They can race popsicle sticks down the gutter and be cozy and warm in their fleece-lined, water-proof, hooded jackets. Your kids will think you are an awesome mom for encouraging them to go dance in the downpour. Be the cool mom!

Wippette Rain Jackets


About Wippette Kids

Wippette is an important manufacturer of rain and outerwear for children and a recent acquisition of iApparel, LLC. Since 1983, this company has been keeping kids dry with creative, fun and fashionable raincoats always with comfortable non stick fabric. Rain, rain, don’t go away! Please stay, so we can play! Puddle splashing is just fine with this gear.

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