Tadpole & Lily Ties & Suspenders

The perfect touch to any outfit.

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tadpole & lily

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these ties and suspenders are so delightful! They would help make the perfect wedding ensemble. They are great for both boys and girls. They can be styled in so many ways; preppy, classic, hipster and more! They are perfect!

Tadpole & Lily Ties & Suspenders


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About tadpole & lily

Tadpole and Lily is a modern accessories line that creates charming headbands for girls and handsome ties for boys. Inspired to be the perfect touch to any outfit, Tadpole and Lily’s accessories are essential when dressing up or down. Founded by two moms with trend-setting kids of their own, Tadpole and Lily’s handcrafted products are made in the United States with comfort and style in mind.

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