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PeekAboot Socks

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these sweet, versatile leg warmers can be worn many different ways — not just under boots! Soft and cozy to layer over tights, or ideal to wear alone with her cutest shoes, she'll be comfy in her leg warmers all year long. You can even stash these leg warmers in your purse on outings when your cutie might get a chill. Accent your littles outfits with dainty PeekABoot Socks Leg Warmers. Designed with a pointelle knit, and girly details of ivory knit lace and itty-bitty faux buttons, these precious designs can’t get any sweeter. From adorable photo shoots to adorning outfits, cover her little legs with these sweet leg warmers from PeekABoot Socks.

PeekABoot Socks Kids Leg Warmers


About PeekAboot Socks

PeekABoot socks has been around since 2011, but the founder's style, sass, and drive for over the top calf and foot accessories stems from her childhood. PeekABoot Socks are high quality, hand crafted, and absolutely awesome. These socks are a must. Be prepared to be stopped in your tracks and asked "Where'd you get those darling socks?!"

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