Wee Gallery Wall Graphics

Modern, self-adhesive, removable wall art.

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Wee Gallery

We handpicked this because

these are so fun to decorate your littles spaces. Whether you are re-doing a child's room, or adding a special touch to their play space. These self-adhesive, modern, removable wall graphics are easy to use and will brighten any area you choose to use them. Kids love them!

Wee Gallery Wall Graphics


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About Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery was conceived by a husband and wife team — Surya, a graphic designer, and Dave, a teacher. After the birth of their first child, they soaked up all the information they could about their little bundle’s development. They discovered that babies develop in so many ways during the first 5 years that it dwarfs everything they learn over the entire rest of their lives. That seemed pretty incredible to them considering how much they learned as parents during their son’s first six weeks of life. They then learned that newborns can only see 12 to 15 inches away and they are most taken with their parent's faces and black and white geometric figures. Experimenting with the latter idea, Wee Gallery was born.

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