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Simply Stashed

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we've got the spring cleaning itch. These designer organizers give each bauble, action figure, Hot Wheels, shoe and doodad their own little home. Designed in multiple styles with attractive eco-fabric backing, any door in your house, apartment, or studio can become a classy organization station. We love the idea of becoming completely organized this spring.

Simply Stashed Organizers


About Simply Stashed

Simply Stashed was founded by Christy Gibson Hicks with the idea of making organization fun and stylish. She runs her company with the help of an amazing team of people who love what they do. They believe in creating a positive—not to mention organized—work environment. Simply Stashed proudly adheres to strict European standards for environmentally-friendly fabrics and processes, and uses minimal and reusable packaging. They are also committed to giving back, and donate a percentage of sales to those in need.

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