Greenerways Alcohol-Free Eco-Tizer Sanitizer Spray

organic on-the-go surface cleanser

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eco-tizer 3-pack 2oz
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We hand-picked this because: ​flu and stomach bug season is here. This spray takes care of yucky hands, yucky surfaces, and everything in between. It is a total workhorse in a safe, non-toxic, convenient spray that uses essential oils instead of harsh chemicals popular in mainstream sanitizers that do more harm than good.


”I carry the 2 oz. Eco-Tizer with me in my purse, have one in my car, and one at home. I'm addicted! I've noticed that I have been getting sick a lot less often due to the incorporation of the spray in my life, especially after using pin pads at the store when shopping “ -Jen G., Atlanta GA

eco-tizer 3-pack

You want the best for your kids, and that means providing them with safe and effective ways to stay clean. Certified USDA organic, Greenerways eco-tizer is a greener way to sanitize surfaces. Easy to stick in your bag and take everywhere, these organic sprays eliminate the need for using harmful chemicals that could pose safety risks to your family.

  • scent : tea tree oil
  • volume : 2 oz
  • expires : 06/2017; product freshness is guaranteed up to three years from manufacture date on bottle
  • special features : unique for cleaning toilet seats (away from home), baby changing tables, booster seats and high chairs, shopping carts, children's toys, work surfaces, telephones, door handles, cell phones, and TV remotes perfect for the diaper bag, purse, backpack, briefcase and glove box of the car
  • note : caution: keep out of reach of children
  • access : 360º sprayer allows use from any angle
  • directions : shake well, apply evenly to surface and allow 15 seconds. wipe clean with dry cloth of tissue
  • contents : 3 bottles of 2 oz eco-tizer
  • perfect for : the diaper bag, purse, backpack, briefcase and glove box of the car
  • ingredients : de-ionized water, *greenways eco-t(proprietary extract blend), *tee tree oil, *orange oil, *cinnamon oil, *rosemary oil, *spearmint oil, *lemongrass oil, sodium hydroxide - *certified organic

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Greenerways is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and providing natural, organic products, where quality is vital. With the belief that everyone deserves the ability to discover and enjoy the bene ts of an organic lifestyle.

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