Polaroid Kid Headphones

Safe comfy beats for kids.

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We handpicked this because

these are great for any child, and perfect for all your summer trips. Whether traveling by car or plane, a good pair of headphones is a necessity. Kids need safe headphones that will protect their ears and fit their heads without sacrificing style. These bright headphones will be their favorite go-to for sound for everything from movies in the car, playing games on their tablet, listening to their tunes, and everything else. We love them because the fun colors are easy to spot, trendy, and our kid's favorites, and we no longer have to listen to angry birds or the minion game in the car - wahooo!

Polaroid Kid Headphones


About Polaroid

For seventy five years, Polaroid has established itself as a predominant force in successfully blending intuitive technology with a practical application. This is especially apparent with their revitalized collection of Instant Cameras and Digital Instant Cameras. Learning from the success of previous models, Polaroid has continued to evolve and develop as a world-renowned brand. Polaroid's extensive collection of products and mission to provide exceptional customer service solidifies Polaroid's position as a trusted global brand.

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