Boot Scoot Bopper, Zoomer & Cruiser Balance Bikes

Making training wheels a thing of the past.

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Boot Scoot Bikes, LLC

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Boot Scoot Bikes are a great size for your little ones to scoot along to school on. Boot Scoot Balance Bikes help your tyke discover the balance and confidence needed to boogie around independently. With a Boot Scoot Bike, even younger kids can be a big kid and glide around the neighborhood on two wheels. Pick up a few balance bikes for your kids to ride to school this year. They will be the talk of the school.

Boot Scoot Bopper, Zoomer & Cruiser Balance Bikes


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”Hands down, the BEST thing I have ever bought from kidSTEALS. My baby shower advice for any new mom is...."never use training wheels!" Our family has done it both ways - with and without training wheels. Shortly after taking my oldest son's training wheels off, he came in the house crying with road rash head to toe, many times. Fast forward a few years when I bought a Boot Scoot for my then 3 year old. He and my 5 year old both learned to ride bikes the same summer! Our Boot Scoot bike has held up like a champ, and is worth every single penny. We have saved so many tears, panic attacks, bandaids, and cold packs by learning to balance first, then pedal. “ - Amy W., Utah


Is Your Child Ready For Boot Scoot?

Boot Scoots are designed for children ages 2-6. Most children are ready to ride either on or soon after their second birthday. A more specific indication that your child is ready to start riding is their inseam. The Zoomer adjusts from approximately 14"-17" with a quick-release saddle. The Cruiser's seat adjusts from 17"-20", and it weighs a little more, making it perfect for slightly older children — typically ages 3-6. If your child’s inseam is at least 14", they are ready to ride! The maximum recommended weight is 80 lbs.

About Boot Scoot Bikes, LLC

While on a trip to Europe in 2007 with her husband and their one-year old, Boot Scoot Bikes founder Katie Stirling could not believe it as a toddler zoomed past them on two wheels. Amazed at the toddler's ability, she began asking his parents about his bike. To her surprise, the pedal-less "walking bikes" had been popular in Europe for several years. Once she returned home, she began to search for a similar bike for her son, but was shocked at the prices of the European wooden versions. Unable to find exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price, she decided to develop and manufacture a more cost-effective and durable bike, and share them with you!

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