Roxy Girls Flipflops

The summer staple for little girls.

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We handpicked this because

they are amazing quality from a brand we love and trust. They are so fabulous. Little girls don't like to fuss with shoes and socks during the summer months. Roxy flip flops are perfect for running free, wishing on dandelions and skipping around the meadow. We love them for our little girls and we're sure you will too.

Roxy Girls Flipflops


About Roxy

Like all things Quiksilver, Roxy was born in the water; initially a swimwear line, it debuted in late summer 1990 to immediate success. It was the first of its kind on the market, and soon after, the other surf brands followed. From handbag to Henley, wetsuit to tide watch, the key ingredient of Roxy products is that inimitable Roxy spirit. "Daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, alive: Roxy".

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