Smitten Baby Make a Mess Bib

Easy-to-clean bib with a pocket.

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Smitten Baby

We handpicked this because

they provide full coverage and easy on and off with hook-and-loop closure. They are made from soft material, so they are easy to wipe clean and comfortable to wear. The long sleeves provide extra coverage during dinner or messy play. The bib also contains one wide, deep pocket to catch crumbs or food, or may be used for easy storage of supplies.

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Smitten Baby Make a Mess Bib


About Smitten Baby

At Smitten Baby, they believe the best way to care for your baby includes caring about the planet. That's why all of their products are designed, manufactured, and shipped with the highest standards of environmental stewardship. Their products are manufactured in Canada with materials made only in the United States and Canada. Keeping all our production close to home means they have a lower carbon footprint, allowing them to ensure that everything is of the highest quality. A low carbon footprint is their goal. Environmental responsibility is their commitment. Doing what's best for your baby is their promise."

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