Oops! Undies by Oops! Sheet

Waterproof, breathable, and absorbent underwear.

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Oops! Sheet

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accidents happen. Oops! Undies are great for potty training and extra protection over cloth or disposable diapers. When potty training, kids often realize it when they are ready to burst or already too late! Oops! Undies are ideal for light incontinence. Made from soft bamboo with a waterproof membrane built into the fabric, these undies are waterproof, breathable, and feel just like regular underwear.

Oops! Undies 2-pack | kids - white

  • $14.99
  • Retail $29.99
  • Material: 65% rayon from bamboo, 35% soft cotton, vinyl & PVC-free
  • Care instructions: machine wash warm, hang to dry
  • Perfect for: light incontinence
+ Oops! Sheet Waterproof Bamboo Underwear Sizing

Unisex underwear, perfect for light incontinence. Waterproof, breathable, absorbent.

machine washable

Oops! Undies by Oops! Sheet


A Note from the Owner

oops sheet owner roo wyda

"People have been asking us for years to create Oops! Undies. They wanted a product that was essentially underwear - with a little built in extra protection. There are plenty of training pants on the market. We wanted to provide that next step, underwear with a little added peace of mind. Oops! Undies are kids confidence builders. Enough waterproof protection for small mishaps, and a product that looks and feels just like regular underwear. We hope you love what we've created." - Roo Wyda, Oops Sheets Owner


"My daughter is 6 years old but still pees in a pull-up every night. (She sleeps for 12 hours and just can't stay dry yet.) The problem is that even with a pull-up, she wakes up with wet pajamas and wet sheets. I DETEST changing the sheets every day! I was searching for a waterproof shorts (a pull-up cover) for her to wear at night. These Opps! Undies are perfect! I put them on over her pull up at night and her pajamas and sheets are dry in the morning. I am so relieved! My daughter really likes wearing them. They are super soft and comfy. I got her the size 6-7 and there is plenty of room for the pull up. Her waist is 21 inches." - Review by Mom-of-3

"I have a 12 y-old boy (small for age) with medical issues. He does not want to wear pull-ups, so we have tried every underwear on the market--I am sure we spent no less than an thousand $ on other products, but these are perfect. My son can pull them up and down and places a small incontinence pad inside and no leaking all day. In other pants he would bulge or leak. These look and feel like real underwear. They are worth every cent and then some!! A real blessing to our family." - Kristin Huey

About Oops! Sheet

Oops! Sheet is an award-winning, celebrity-loved line of products designed to simplify parenthood.

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