EZ SOX Girls Underwear

comfy undies that encourage independence

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We handpicked this because

little fingers often have a hard time pulling up underwear. Mom's help isn't always welcome. Fortunately, EZ SOX give little ones an easier way to pull them up and gain confidence in dressing independently. Help them help themselves. Bright colors, kooky animal faces, and a comfortable fabric blend ensure that they have happy feet all day long. EZ SOX — the "I can do it" underwear.

EZ SOX Girls Underwear



”No more sock tantrums! Love these - so cute and helps minimize kid drama and promote independence. “ - Amy Oregon

”What a fabulous idea. My daughters always has trouble pulling up her undies straight. Not with Ez undeez. These undies are soft and wash well. We have been using Ez Sox for the last year. We are now an Ez Undeez fan. “ - Susan Plinteroff


About EZ SOX

As for the future, EZ SOX mission is to encourage kids and help anyone struggling with this simple daily necessity, from a toddler or special needs person learning about self-sufficiency to a senior struggling to maintain their dignity.

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