MUK LUKS Zoo Babies Winter Boots

Warm boots for the animal-loving kid.

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We handpicked this because

we love any footwear that parents and kiddos can agree on. MUK LUKS Zoo Babies Winter Boots are where practicality meets fun. Warm, easy to put on, and durable for parents. Comfortable, entertaining to look at and play with for little ones. Perfect for autumn, winter, and spring, this will be one of your happiest purchases of the year.

**Please allow up to 5-7 extra business days for your order to ship.**

MUK LUKS Zoo Babies Winter Boots


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Launched as slipper sox in 1972, these classic comforts immediately became a staple fashion item. Over the years, MUK LUKS has remained on trend, and now boasts the strongest, most comprehensive line ever. Bold patterns, bright colors, and total comfort define today’s MUK LUKS—a contemporary cousin of the original.

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