Character Zip-Up Hoodies from Freeze

Stay warm and comfy with all your favorite characters.

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We handpicked this because

a zip-up hoodie with your kid's favorite character on it will pretty much be the coolest thing in their closet. We are fully aware that it is 100 plus degrees outside right now, it is here at least, and you probably don't need a warm zip-up hoodie. However, it is back to school time! These jackets will be a great addition to your child's wardrobe for school. Not to mention, they are great for camping trips, drive-in movies, or fireworks at the park after the sun goes down. Kids get cold a lot easier than adults do. These hoodies are warm, but light enough that your child can wear them year round.

Character Zip-Up Hoodies from Freeze


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About Freeze

FREEZE was established in 1986 by principals, Lou Shalam and Charlie Tebele. The company designs, sells, manufactures and distributes licensed and private label clothing to retail. With a NYC showroom, state of the art distribution facility in New Jersey and satellite offices overseas, we are vertically geared to bring the highest quality product to the marketplace quickly at affordable prices.

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