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Stride Rite is the name parents trust for developing feet. From the crib to crawling to running away, Stride Rite shoes will have your little one moving around in style and comfort. The unique, quality design allows your child's tootsies to stay flexible, protected, and stylish when romping around.

Stride Rite Shoes


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About Stride Rite

Stride Rite's rich, deep heritage is found in every shoe. Nowhere is this more evident than in The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of its Seal of Acceptance to several styles of Stride Rite's baby shoes, the first baby shoes in the industry to carry the Seal. Whether children are taking their first steps or are off and running, Stride Rite understands the significance of every step and will continue to innovate and provide the most advanced children's footwear.

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