Nomie Baby Stroller Blanket

Large, cozy, on-the-go, footmuff blanket.

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Nomie Baby

We handpicked this because

chilly outings can be miserable for little kids. These cozy blankets are long enough to cover toddler legs making getting out and about toasty and pleasant. With a fleece inner lining that's gentle and warm against your little one's skin, and a wind-resistant quilted outer layer, Nomie Baby Stroller Blankets ensure that your child will be protected from the elements while you're out and about.

Nomie Baby Stroller Blanket


How to put on our cozy stroller blanket:

1. Place the back of the stroller blanket against the back of the stroller.

2. Open the Velcro openings.

3. Pull the stroller straps through the openings.

4. Close the Velcro to match your child's shoulder height.

5. Slip elastic band over top of the stroller seat to further secure it to the stroller seat.

6. Place child in the seat.

7. Fasten all the straps before zipping the stroller blanket around your little one.

8. Zip the stroller blanket around your child to keep the cold out and warmth in.

9. Enjoy your warm stroll!

About Nomie Baby

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." That certainly is true for Nomie Baby. Tired of carrier covers and accessories that were difficult to clean, the founder of Nomie Baby set out to create a bib for her child's carrier. Thus, Nomie Baby was born. Focusing on fabrics that are comfortable and easy to clean, and designs that prevent spills leaking onto the carrier, Nomie Baby is inspired by personal experience to make products that make moms' lives easier and keep kids comfy.

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