Bluebelle Australia Underwear and Gowns

Exquisite, antibacterial, designer pajama sets.

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these are amazing, and are a well-loved boutique brand. Pajamas are sent in a gorgeous bag, perfect for gift giving. They are made of super silky, soft, bamboo cotton. The casual fit, and lightweight cotton is ideal for year-round comfort. The sumptuous fabric, fantastic construction, and the just-right stretch is sure to become her new fave.

Bluebelle Australia Underwear and Gowns



"When I first laid eyes on Bluebelle, I knew my little girl would fall in love; their designs are beyond gorgeous! At 10 years old, my girl is uber particular about what she wears, choosing comfort over everything else. The completely silky smooth and delicious stretch of Bluebelle's fabric makes them an absolute winner. She gets the comfy layers she needs, and I feel good about giving her boutique cuteness in a very practical way." - Nicole, SLC

About Bluebelle

Designer Leonie Limosani launched Bluebelle in 2006. With an amazingly strong Australian following including the utterly gorgeous couple Deborra- Lee & Hugh Jackman, Bluebelle fast became a household name. Stocked in over 450+ Boutiques it is easy to see that Bluebelle is a much loved Australian brand. Famous for its luxe Bamboo fabrication, the design concept is simple. – Sweet styles that are comfortable and easy to wear. Bluebelle is predominately an Underwear label that has spin off collections including Tutu’s, Bodywear, Womenswear and Accessories. It seems every product developed with this amazing fabric becomes a hit. In 2013, Bluebelle made a strong entrance into the USA market. Attending Trade Shows in New York was a clear highlight for the team and the future is set to be super exciting! In the Bluebelle Head Office we love to hear people stop by and tell us just how much they adore our label and one of our favorite stories is now printed upon each of our gorgeous Gift Boxes.. it is a sweet tale of a little girl gazing up to watch her favorite Bluebelle pieces dry on the washing line, bursting with anticipation to be super comfy and gorgeous again… Bluebelle style! So our challenge at this time is very clear – keep on sharing the Bluebelle love with lots of gorgeous designs and new categories that will make you swoon!

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