Brackitz Creator Set

Take childhood creative and imaginative building to the next level.

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they were designed to ignite creativity. Brackitz imagination toys give parents the comfort of knowing their children's playtime will not only be fun, but educational as well. With Brackitz, children are introduced to a connecting toy that goes beyond simply stacking block toys on top of one another. Brackitz are one-of-a-kind, connect-anywhere, building toys that will allow children of all ages to build anything they can imagine. The possibilities are endless!

Brackitz Creator Set


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Testimonials in the Press

"Brackitz is the only construction toy that lets kids design any structure they can imagine - anything. Our unique connect-anywhere system enables kids to create large scale, portable, 3-D structures -- with no instructions or limitations- - while learning real-life engineering and architecture skills. “ — The Big Toy Book

"Kids are bursting with creativity, and many toys can harness that creativity and turn it into a valuable learning tool—especially in the STEM arena. While building toys that provide kids numbered instructions on how to build something specific are great, those that encourage open-ended, imaginative play are even better. brackitz does exactly that. Made entirely in the U.S., brackitz is a new specialty building system featuring 4-inch wooden planks and 90- and 120-degree angle connectors in iridescent green, blue, red, and orange. “ — The Toy Insider, Parenting Magazine

"Brackitz is a new construction toy that promotes STEM learning, using blocks to lay the foundation for higher-level cognitive thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. “ — The Toy Book

"With Brackitz your kids can build amazing durable buildings regardless of their skill level. The connectors allow your child to “plug in” each piece anywhere along the pieces for a secure connection. The best part is that the longer they get to play with the blocks, the better that their structures will get. They’ll continue to learn while they play. “ — Our Kids Mom

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