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Preschool Prep Company has some of the best educational tools for kids. What a great thing to give your child; the gift of knowledge and the skills they will need for years to come. These DVD sets really work and kids grasp the concepts so quickly. We have been amazed with the results and strongly believe you will to.

Preschool Prep Company DVD Packs & Flashcards



"My three year old son has been watching the meet the sight words DVD's and really enjoys them. The DVD's are absolutely wonderful! I've had a difficult time trying to get him to go over words with me and learn how to read, after learning his alphabet, but your series keeps him entertained and interested. I was amazed when I brought home the DVD and heard my son say the words along with the video. Thank you for being so creative and actually making something that my son will watch and looks forward to! I recently discovered you also have meet the blends and I am looking forward to watching those with my son as well." - Christina S.

"I really have to say these dvds are amazing. By 16 months my son was saying 'octagon' and by 18 months, my son can say every letter of the alphabet (he practices every opportunity when we are out), all of the numbers from 1-10, and his colors and shapes. People ask me the whole time how he learned this. So thank you for these amazing results :)" - Caroline

About Preschool Prep Co

Preschool Prep Company was formed to research and develop tools that would help educate children in their early years. One two-month study and thousands of hours of research and development later, Preschool Prep Company brings to the market a line of products that help young children master letters, numbers, shapes, and colors before they are even able to speak. The company is dedicated to helping children develop a strong foundation with which to learn how to read. Preschool Prep Series products provide a set of vital tools for children to use when they are ready. All products are designed to teach toddlers and babies during an opportune window of time when they are learning to talk. You will be amazed at what your little one can learn!

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